Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

The German with coronavirus is negative in the third test conducted in La Gomera – La Provincia

The German citizen admitted since January 30 at the Hospital Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de La Gomera for having been infected with coronavirus was negative yesterday in the third test. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Health of Canary Government, which added that it continues without presenting any symptoms. The tourist, who arrived on January 28 in La Gomera with five friends from Munich to spend a few days off, was infected before the trip when he contacted a friend who in turn had infected a Chinese woman from Shanghai, who had come to his company to give a conference.

The tests should be carried out again today in order to confirm the negative and that it is free of the virus. In the event that the same result occurred again, the patient would be discharged immediately, Sanidad added in an official statement.


The gomero health staff continues, meanwhile, doing the home monitoring of the five traveling companions who remain in the municipality of Hermigua, where the group hired a holiday rental home. These are the four men who presented symptoms, who were also admitted on January 30 at the Hospital of La Gomera and were discharged last Wednesday, day 5 after they were negative in two tests.

The medical follow-up period concludes today both for these four Germans and for the other traveler who did not present any symptoms since his arrival in the Colombian Island, so he was never taken to the Hospital, although he did remain isolated and under control in the home from the municipality of Hermigua. These are the deadlines established by the protocol set by the Ministry of Health.

The German who tested positive in the two previous tests and tested negative yesterday was the first infected by the also known as Wuhan pneumonia that arrived in Spain. Until yesterday, and since it was launched, last Sunday, day 2, on the free information telephone about the coronavirus (900 112 061), 101 calls have been received. It is a line that is coordinated by the Canary Emergency Service and most of the queries attended are related to doubts about the virus.

The second positive in Spain also turned negative yesterday at the Son Espases University Hospital, in Palma de Mallorca, after being hospitalized last Friday for testing positive. Those that have been negative are the third samples and were sent to analyze the National Center for Microbiology of the Carlos III Health Institute, said the Department of Health and Consumption of the Balearic Islands in a statement. Man will now have to wait for a second negative result before he can consider himself free of the virus.

As for the situation of the epidemic outbreak worldwide, the sharp increase in cases and deaths reported yesterday in the central Chinese province of Hubei, epicenter of the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic, does not mean an aggravation of the health crisis, they said today senior officials of the World Health Organization (WHO).


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