October 29, 2020

The German Renfe will offer every year places for Spaniards via Transfesa

Transfesa will make a call each year in Spain to train railway for the German company Deustche Bahn Cargo, after the success of the two promotions it has already launched, to which more than 14,000 people were presented in search of permanent employment offered by the German operator .

Transfesa is a Spanish logistics and transport solutions company, whose main shareholders are the Spanish subsidiary of Germany’s Deutsche Bahn (DB, the country’s public train operator), with 70.3% of the capital, and Renfe, which is holder of 20.3%.

After the high demand for the two previous offers, for which 54 people have already entered the training and employment program, both at the school in Madrid and at different points in Germany, DB Cargo (the merchandise subsidiary of the German operator ) has decided to launch a third promotion and make a call every year.

The Transfesa railway school is a pioneer in the training of personnel for the railway sector and in this type of training-employment contracts for the German operator, a responsibility that the Spanish company attributes to its experience in the sector, in which they have been operating more 75 years, and the good profiles of the candidates they present.

The initiative was launched in February 2019 with a first call to which 12,000 people were presented, of which 30 were elected, who are already being trained in Germany after having received a 9-month course in Spain.

DB finances the cost of the course – about 20,000 euros, according to Transfesa – as well as a payment of 1,500 euros to cover the cost of transfer to the country, in addition to 2,300 euros gross per month during the 8 months in which they are being trained in Germany.

Once the training period is over, the applicants enter the DB Cargo team of trainers with an indefinite contract, with a monthly salary of 3,000 euros gross and other social advantages, such as bonus train tickets for personal use, contribution to the pension plan and additional training.

In order to be able to present themselves to these tests, applicants must accredit a medium level of German (B1 according to the European reference framework) and a medium-level professional qualification or a professional experience of at least 7 years in sectors related to the railway (automobile or shipping company, among others).


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