The German NGO demands a solution to Berlin and Europe for the 32 rescued by Sea-Watch

The German NGO demands a solution to Berlin and Europe for the 32 rescued by Sea-Watch

The German NGO Sea-Watch demanded today Germany and Europe a solution for the 32 immigrants rescued last Saturday in the Central Mediterranean and that since then they have not received authorization from any government to disembark.

"For six days we have been denied a safe harbor, we are well equipped, but the winter in the Mediterranean, with its bad weather, is demanding tribute from our already weakened guests", denounced the head of operations of the Sea-Watch 3, Phillip Hahn.

For the activist, "Europe must now assume its responsibility and Germany, set a good example".

"It is an act of shame and lack of humanity, that both Germany and Europe reject not only assume their responsibility, but also accept the offer of cities of solidarity that want to welcome the rescued," he added.

The NGO remembers that only in Germany, more than thirty cities and several federated states have declared safe ports and have shown their willingness to welcome immigrants rescued at sea.

Therefore, Sea-Watch requires the German government and the Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, to apply Article 23 of the law that regulates the right to residence in the country, "in order to find a solution for those who have fled from the war, torture and death in Libya that complies with human rights, the Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees and the alleged European values ​​".

The NGO recalls in its statement that "five countries of the so-called Christian West" - Italy, Malta, Spain, Holland and Germany - have denied any help in the search for a safe harbor to the 32 rescued by Sea-Watch 3, including four women, three unaccompanied minors, two small children and a baby, and their 22 crew members during Christmas.

The ship is still at sea, "in a state of political uncertainty that demonstrates the flagrant refusal of the EU to make the slightest humanitarian concession in its deadly anti-immigration policy," he complains.

The NGO demands, therefore, that the new year begin on the mainland for immigrants rescued by Sea-Watch 3.


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