The German military cemetery of Cuacos de Yuste suffers several acts of vandalism

The German military cemetery of Cuacos de Yuste suffers several acts of vandalism

The German military cemetery of Cuacos de Yuste (Cáceres), the only one of these characteristics that exists in Spain, has suffered several acts of vandalism this morning, Efe informed the mayor of the town, José María Hernández.

After condemning the attack, Hernandez has indicated that the cemetery has dawned with several graffiti made on the exterior wall – they have drawn a kind of target and a phrase in which it seems to read "Ni Nazis con Hires" – and with nine crosses of destroyed burials .

The mayor has stated that the facts have already been brought to the attention of both the German Embassy in Spain, which is responsible for its maintenance through a German association, and the Civil Guard, which investigates what happened.

Similarly, the mayor has stressed that this is the first incident suffered by the cemetery since its opening in 1983.

In the German military cemetery of Cuacos de Yuste, 26 German soldiers of the First World War and 154 of the Second World War who belonged to aircraft crews that fell on Spain, submarines and other ships of the Navy sunk.

Actually, according to the information detailed in the book "The German Military Cemetery of Cuacos de Yuste", by José Carlos Violat, Agustín Ruzafa and Francisco Javier Verdú, in the cemetery, the identified remains of 155 soldiers, sailors and German aviators rest.

Another 25 burials do not house human remains, as it is impossible to locate them, of which 17 have their names and eight are unknown military men, in which the inscription "Ein Unbekannter Deutscher Soldat" (Unknown German soldier) can be read.

Some of them died in Spanish hospitals because of their wounds and their graves were scattered throughout Spain, where the sea threw them to land, where their planes fell or where they perished.

The Volksbund (German association in charge of guarding German war cemeteries) between 1980 and 1983 brought them together in this last dwelling and since then they pay for the maintenance of the site, which is part of the history of the town of Cuacos de Yuste since almost 35 years ago

The cemetery, which was inaugurated on June 1, 1983, is always open and is maintained by the Extremadura gardener Isidoro Huerta.

At the entrance of the cemetery, a plaque invites "remember the dead with deep respect and humility."


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