May 27, 2020

The gentrification of Barça and Madrid | sports

Tiqui-taca 5.0. As one who drops a coin in the dark and intends to find it where there is light, Madrid and Barça want to recover the credibility they lost with the gentrification of success, in the comfort of the known and not in the effort of change. Feeling the owner of the Champions League, like Madrid, or feeling the owner of the League, like Barça, perpetuate the attitudes and style that led to success. The obsession for the same does not let them see the new and football, in a short time, changed the obligations pushed by the force of a new era. Not as he did in other periods, jumping from a proactive game to another speculator or vice versa. It is the tiqui-taca revolutionizing his rhythm and integrating a tactical obsession that is changing us to language. We already look like technocrats when we talk about football. The standard bearers are Klopp and Guardiola, who they face this Sunday in the most attractive game of world football.

To the taste of the consumer. The game will be seen by the entire world and will be an audience record. Many millions will be from Liverpool, some less from City, but the vast majority will be football fans because, today, there is no match that offers more. Fans are only happy with the results, which are irrefutable, but as always the only thing that elevates football to artistic and exciting levels are the epic, adventure and aesthetics of the brave ones who seek their luck. But you have to change the measuring stick because every day you will play more for a type of consumer who does not know what he wants, but wants it fast. New generations of fans are coming to get bored with everything that is not dizzying and frantic. And football, which is not dumb, usually follows social beats respectfully.

Team that wins together stays together. We will see, in Liverpool, sides that will attack as strikers and strikers that will press as defenses. And we will see in the City midfielders playing central defenses so that the ball goes clean from behind and at a very high speed of circulation to take advantage of the few empty spaces that appear. Guardiola is the only one who changes winning. Of that Barcelona that dazzled this City there are many differences and one point in common: that of not speculating. City plays to play and plays to win. As to Klopp, came to Liverpool at a time of decline and his message rocker entered like a glove. The team has a great collective sense and is intense, insistent, fast, sacrificed. It is modern. He can do it with tireless continuity because the coach's authority grew at the same level as the prestige of the players. Winning is easy to stay together and up on the euphoria of Anfield.

On stage, the pause. How success is contagious, this week we have seen Slavia, a modest football Liverpool, go through the Nou Camp with an improper impudence of the limitations of its staff. None of his players have enough talent to play for Barça, but all together they gave an exciting battle with a rigorous and supportive game put at the service of ambition. Seeing that deployment, I finished the game tired and worried. If not even Messi can with that physical and organizational display, I told myself, this is complicated. To the rescue of my melancholy came Rodrygo, a soft and harmonious talent as a dancer and precise as a scalpel, which in ninety minutes gave us the football of a lifetime, one in which a superior and different talent turns everything upside down. "He has a break," Zidane said at the end of the game. Look where, the word "pause" gave me a high.

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