January 16, 2021

The Geneva Motor Show confirms its cancellation because of the coronavirus

The organizers of the Geneva Motor Show, one of the main annual events of the automotive sector, confirmed on Friday the cancellation of the 90th edition of this event, scheduled from March 5 to 15, due to the measures taken by Switzerland to fight the epidemic of COVID-19.

“We regret this situation, but the health of all participants and exhibitors is our priority,” the organization said in a statement, explaining that the decision was made following the federal order, also announced today, which prohibits all events. with more than a thousand people until March 15.

“It is a cause of force majeure, and although it represents a tremendous loss for the manufacturers, who had invested massively to be in Geneva, we understand the decision,” the president of the foundation responsible for organizing the car show said in the statement, Maurice Turrettini.

Until today, the organizers had insisted, both in previous press conferences and in official communiqués, that the show would go ahead, even after important sources of COVID-19 transmission were recorded in neighboring Italy, origin of many visitors and brands Participants in the event.

The cancellation was confirmed just minutes after the Federal Council (Swiss Government) announced the ban for two weeks of all mass events in the country with more than a thousand attendees, in order to combat the coronavirus epidemic in the nation Central European affects 15 people for now.

The decision was taken at an extraordinary meeting of the Executive, which declared that Switzerland is in a “special situation” that justifies this type of measure, in application of the legislation on epidemics.

The hall was to be held at the Exhibition Pavilion (Palexpo) in Geneva, where the Hall of Inventions had been previously canceled, another important annual event for the city on the banks of Lake Geneva.


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