The genetic alteration is not neutral

The genetic alteration is not neutral

What truth does it give to an advertisement that has not been published in a scientific journal?

The consensus is that a relevant discovery or novel experiment like this should be published in a scientific journal. If not, the scientific community will not even be aware of it. It would be interesting to ask the reason for this advance announcement. Perhaps international evaluations have been avoided due to the serious ethical and legal objections presented by the announced manipulations. It may also be that the birth of the children has moved the team to launch their achievement to the four winds.

How do you rate the step taken?

The excuse of the AIDS resistance is absurd and an insult to those who work in earnest. AIDS is not transmitted by genetic means, indeed, there have been enormous advances in Africa to ensure that mothers do not transmit the disease to their children. In that line must work. What we have before, on the contrary, is a practice aimed at achieving people genetically resistant to this disease. We do not have sick embryos to which an intervention improves. Neither a negative action intended that, of the possible embryos, those that do not transmit a disease survive, an option that seems homicidal but that is becoming generalized. What we have is a pure and hard practice of positive eugenics. That is to say, a eugenics destined to produce humans with characteristics that do not suppose cure of a previous state or elimination of a person with illness. I think there is not as much difference between positive and negative eugenics as some people claim. Both would help define a world where human rights would not be respected. But it is true that the positive, through manipulation, directs us directly towards what the author Aldous Huxley anticipated in "A happy world": a world of beings manipulated, designed and deprived of freedom.

Can this change lead to illness?

It has dangers other than the planned "achievements", which in themselves are already detestable. I refer to the nonsense of producing genetically manipulated people without having a clear awareness of the effects of that manipulation in the future. The manipulation is not neutral, the technique does not foresee all its effects. For this there is the conscience and the professional knowledge, the law and if the sanction is necessary.


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