Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

The generation that will not need purple glasses | Society

The generation that will not need purple glasses | Society

Manifestation of students, yesterday morning at Puerta del Sol, Madrid. In video, a thousand reasons to go out on the street.

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At 19.20 a bachelor party of Italians enters the cafeteria of the Círculo de Bellas Artes. It seems like a joke. Thousands of people jam Cibeles and Alcala from the Puerta to that same place, and it spreads like a stream of gasoline to Atocha along the Paseo del Prado. Dressed in a hat and a cane, the farewell boys ask for a table and they deny it: it's all full. María Cuiña, a Galician woman, observes with a half smile how they are leaving: "Today, if they go over ready, they return to Italy as fetuccini ".

"What many men call fear, is what we call making us respect," he says later. "If you are afraid it is your problem, I am not going to attack anyone, nor can I, even if I wanted to. I'll tell you no if I do not feel like it: are you afraid of a no? Afraid of a bachelor party babbling in a bar treating us like cattle? And I do not speak for those, that maybe they are gay ", ditch. Claudia, 14, tells Sol in the morning: "Today there are more people than a year ago, hopefully it will continue like this year after year until it is not necessary because we are all the same".

At night, he appears with a banner: "I want to go home running because I have pee, not because I'm afraid". In recent days he has had a discussion with his mother, who is looking for a housekeeper. "Why does it have to be a woman?" "Because there are no men." "And if there are men, would you hire them?" The mother doubts about a clear answer: "No". Because what it is about, the woman reasons hours later, is that she would not get used to something like that, and, even less, her husband; another man at home, a threat. "It seems like a comedy, although I guess what it is about is that in the future it is not."

"I want to go home running because I have pee, not fear," says a girl

Melons like this one have been opening in recent times in families like Claudia's. Some with clear solutions; others, with impossible solutions at the moment. They have something in common: those that put on the table unquestionable facts that are difficult to digest to the most feminist mother are adolescents. That they have stripped of the structural before it came to interfere with their education. They see the plays without having to repeat them, although they know that the day is still far away when reality adapts to the future that they are already seeing. The expression "put on purple glasses" has become fashionable to refer to the visibility of inequalities between women and men that have always been before and were not seen, or were seen and not given importance. Well, there is a generation born in the 21st century that was born without diopters.

"The street is crazy", writes Elena, 28 years old, by Whatsapp at 20.30. "I am speechless. The header of Atocha can not even start. How nice it is to be able to live this. "

"How nice it is to be able to live this," said a young woman from a demonstration

The center of Madrid, a protected natural park due to pollution, a place that fewer and fewer cars enter and from which more and more young people leave who can not afford housing, opened all the windows and ran the air, a political measure that did not come from any Government but from the houses, the classrooms, the companies, the unemployment queues, the offices and the streets. He did it from the first hour of the morning, when the city woke up amputated thanks to the double follow-up of the strike that the previous year, and exploded at 12 noon in the zero kilometer of Sun and the hand of those who light all the wicks : the students. They filled Madrid with a political clamor. Because the 8M was and is, strictly speaking, a political movement, and that is what has changed in recent years: feminism has gone from being for many men a social issue to which to lend solidarity and more or less condescending attention, to the height of Mother's Day, a political cause of the first order with all that that entails: strikes, mobilizations, demands, ideology and contradictions, many and unsolvable as any revolution, within its bosom.

Hence, the response is no longer in the form of backstrokes, mockery or indifference, but through organized political movements that say or suggest what nobody would think to say or do in public 10 years ago; promising their voters to go back, to the happy old regime. The one that was devastated this Friday in Madrid in the absence of which it is possible to devastate also tomorrow.


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