April 13, 2021

the Generalitat offered the VTC to work "irregularly"

the Generalitat offered the VTC to work "irregularly"

Unauto, the employer of the companies of vehicles of rent with driver (VTC), has denounced that the general secretary of Infrastructures and Mobility of the Department of Territory of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Isidre Gavín, in the name of the adviser Damià Calvet, offered them to continue working "irregularly" in Barcelona as of today, the day on which the decree of the regional government that establishes the pre-contracting of fifteen minutes of its services has come into force. The president of the management of rental vehicles with driver in Catalonia, Josep María Goñi, explained at a press conference that at the meeting last Friday with Territory officials, "committed" to VTC could continue working in the Catalan capital and that all sanctions of the Barcelona Urban Guard that arrived for not fulfilling the pre-contract with a minimum of 15 minutes in advance "would go to the drawer" and would not be processed by the General Directorate of Transport of the Generalitat of Catalonia , according to Ep.

After the approval of the decree, Uber and Cabify announced that from today they would cease their operations in Barcelona. This circumstance is causing a cascade of layoffs in the companies of the VTC sector that worked with these applications. The main companies, Vector Ronda, Moove Cars and Auro, have already launched three EREs that will entail the resolution of the labor contracts of 1,000, 750 and 300 workers, according to Unauto in a press release. The employer regrets that the decree of the Generalitat will entail the disappearance of 3,000 jobs, the largest collective dismissal in history in Catalonia, according to their data. With the aggravating circumstance, he adds, "that half of these people are over 45, people with family responsibilities and serious risk of being excluded from the labor market."

Unauto has also ensured that, in addition to jobs, Catalonia will lose wealth. According to their calculations, their collection will be reduced by some 120 million euros a year and some 310 million contribution to the region's GDP, in addition to the potential compensation they will have to face and that could exceed 1,000 million euros.


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