June 1, 2020

The Generalitat of Catalonia relocates 227 elderly residents in other spaces

The Minister of Social Affairs, Chakir El Homrani, announced on Monday that the Government has relocated 227 elderly living in nursing homes in other spaces, while reporting that 269 families have asked to care for these people in their homes. .

In a telematic press conference, El Homrani has specified that 128 elderly people from eight critically ill residences have been relocated to three private clinics in Barcelona (FREMAP, Copèrnic and Sant Jordi), whose 240 workers have also joined the care of the elderly. .

In Terrassa, 11 people, who lived in the Mas Adei residence and have tested positive for COVID-19, have been transferred to hospitals and other residences.

In the case of the Catalan capital, the Minister has ensured that both his Department and Health continue working with the City Council to find the most suitable spaces.

In Girona, 24 people from the Sant Hilari de Sacalm residence have been transferred to Espai Ordesa. In Tarragona, 52 residents have been relocated and in Terres de l’Ebre, an old center with 69 places for people from residences or mild positive cases of COVID-19 is being enabled in Amposta.

These are “complex” transfers given that the average age of these people is 84 years and, in addition, 90% suffer from previous pathologies or multiple pathologies, El Homrani has indicated.

More than 76,000 personal protective equipment has been delivered in the Catalan capital alone and 34 residences have been disinfected in this same city.

The Homrani has said, on the other hand, not to have the information of families that have been able to welcome elderly residents into their home, a request already made by 269 people.


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