Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

The Generalitat notifies tax debtors that will appear on the list of delinquents

The Generalitat has sent a first notice to debtors with the Catalan Treasury that will appear on a public list of defaulters. It is the first step taken by the Department of Economy that Pere Aragonès directs in order to make known the names and amounts of those taxpayers who are not aware of the payment of taxes that depend on the Generalitat.

The Government plans to make the list public between May 1 and June 30 of this year. Although initially the publication of the defaulters had to be before December 31, sources of Economy said today that the date of December 31 is the time when the list is closed.


The measure was presented within the 2019-2022 prevention plan last June

With this measure, the Generalitat follows the steps of the Ministry of Finance and will publish the list with names and surnames of the tax debtors when the amount pending with the Catalan Treasury exceeds one million euros. The measure was presented within the 2019-2022 prevention plan last June by Aragonès.

The debts will correspond exclusively to taxes managed by the Tax Agency of Catalonia (ATC), which are their own and assigned. These include the inheritance and donation tax, the estate tax, the transfer of assets and documented legal acts, the stay in tourist establishments or the sugary drinks. As state taxes such as personal income tax are not taken into account, the list will surely be shorter than the one published by the Ministry of Finance.

The headquarters of the Agència Tributària de Catalunya

The headquarters of the Agència Tributària de Catalunya

Sources of Economy have explained that on October 3 the Order was published that regulates various aspects related to the publication of the list, such as the date on which it will be published or the minimum amount owed. The same sources have explained that debts that are deferred or suspended will not be included.

The rule establishes that once the taxpayer capable of appearing on the list receives a first communication, he will have ten business days to make the allegations they deem appropriate. The list will include the name, surname and NIF in the case of natural persons. If they are legal, the list will include the company name or name and NIF.


Debts and penalties will appear without breaking down

The total amount of debts and penalties pending payment as of December 31 of the previous year will appear unbundled. The Order detailed that “the objective of this measure is to promote civic awareness and promote voluntary compliance with fiscal obligations, through active advertising of socially most reprehensible tax behaviors from a quantitative point of view.”

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