September 26, 2020

The Generalitat intervenes in a nursing home due to lack of personnel

The Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families has today intervened the Sant Adrià de Besòs Residence Hall, where some twenty elderly people live, because, according to the Generalitat, “the current management team has renounced its obligations” due to lack of personnel.

As reported by the Ministry, the management of this center for the elderly will be directly assumed by the Catalan Health and Social Consortium.

The intervention has been carried out after the Social Services Inspection has confirmed that “not enough isolation measures have been taken and there is no technical management or hygienic-sanitary manager, which shows that the current management team has renounced its obligations and it cannot continue managing the center. “

According to the Generalitat, currently 20 inmates live in these residences, among which there are 14 with symptoms of COVID-19 infection, and 6 without symptoms, but who have been isolated in the day center area to avoid contagions.

Of the 27 workers who make up the workforce, there are 15 who are on leave or have not come to work.

The Fundación Consorcio Salud y Social will provisionally assume the management of the center and its management, in addition to providing the necessary staffing.

The Department has adopted this measure since the reports that appear, as well as the report of the Inspection and Registration Service, confirm that “the residential center presents an exceptional situation of impossibility to comply with Order SND / 256/2020, of 19 March, of measures related to nursing homes and social health centers “in the face of the current crisis situation due to the pandemic.


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