August 7, 2020

The Generalitat fines Pàmies with 600,000 euros for promoting an illegal compound | Society

The Generalitat has sanctioned 600,000 euros to the farmer and well-known pseudo-scientific disseminator, Josep Pàmies, for promoting an illegal compound during an act held on October 14 in Balaguer (Lleida). This is the third fine that Pàmies receives (from his person or the association he founded, named Dulce Revolución) for advertising the MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), an illegal compound in Spain to which the farmer attributes curative properties against autism, Ebola or malaria. In total, the fines of the Department of Health of the Generalitat amount to 720,000 euros.

It was the most anticipated resolution and the one that has been most important in economic terms (600,000 euros). This fine was a response to the disciplinary proceedings initiated by the Generalitat a few weeks ago in a controversial pseudoscientific congress on autism in which the MMS was one of the protagonists as a potential cure for this neurodevelopmental disorder. After being alerted by associations of professionals and relatives of people with autism (a disorder that currently has no cure), the Department of Health urged Pàmies not to promote this compound on the spot under any circumstances. A few days before the conference, the farmer said he was going to suspend it, but in the end, he ended up celebrating the congress, talking about the presumed bonanzas of the MMS and even broadcasting the whole act through his social networks.

The Generalitat has imposed on Pàmies, as organizer of act, a sanction of 600,000 euros for "doing promotion, advertising and information intended for the public of products with medicinal purposes that are not authorized as medicines".

The MMS is a solution of sodium chlorite and citric acid, which was banned by the Ministry of Health due to its potentially serious adverse effects. Pàmies and its surroundings also promoted it through the website of its association, Dulce Revolución. In addition to this last sanction, which is the most significant, the Generalitat this year opened two other information files that culminated all in sanctions for promoting pseudoscientific treatments for therapeutic purposes for various diseases.

The first fine was 30,000 euros for "the promotion and advertising of various plant-based products that were presented with indications for different types of diseases such as cancers and leukemias." The Generalitat confirmed last week that the association "recognized" the facts and accepted the "voluntary" payment of the fine, which implied a reduction of the sanction to 18,000 euros. Pàmies explained that this fine was paid with donations from Dulce Revolución members.

The second sanction, of 90,000 euros, was to publicize the MMS website for curative purposes on the website of the entity. In the Internet portal alleged cases were collected where this compound had taken effect to cure many ailments. Pámies said last week that, unlike the first sanction, it would appeal.


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