June 24, 2021

The Generalitat fines Pàmies with 120,000 euros for promoting pseudoscientific treatments | Society

The Generalitat fines Pàmies with 120,000 euros for promoting pseudoscientific treatments | Society

The Generalitat of Catalonia has fined the association Dulce Revolución with 120,000 euros, founded by the well known pseudoscientific popularizer Josep Pàmies, for promoting several products, some of them illegal in Spain, as remedies to cure cancer. The Department of Health had opened several disciplinary proceedings to the organization for publicizing these treatments that lack scientific evidence and, after the inquiries made by the health authorities of the Generalitat, the investigation has concluded with two fines of 90,000 and 30,000 euros respectively.

According to Health has confirmed to EL PAÍS, the sanction of 30,000 euros corresponds to a file opened this year for "the promotion and advertising of various plant-based products that were presented with indications for different types of diseases such as cancers and leukemias." The Generalitat has confirmed that the association sent in September a document in which it "recognized" the facts sanctioned by the Generalitat and accepted the "voluntary" payment of the fine. The early payment of the sanction implied a bonus for the entity that, finally, paid 18,000 euros.

The second fine, of 90,000 euros, corresponds to the sanctioning file initiated by Salud a few weeks ago under the promotion on the website of the association of MMS, an illegal drug in Spain since 2010. This compound (MMS, Miracle Mineral Solution) It is a solution of sodium chlorite and citric acid and was banned by the Ministry of Health due to its potentially serious adverse effects. According to Pàmies, the MMS would serve to cure autism, Ebola and malaria.

The farmer has confirmed to this newspaper that they will appeal this last fine. "We have freedom of expression, these products, even if they are illegal, we have to talk about them because they are beneficial," he said. Pàmies has clarified that the sanctions are not against his person, but against Dulce Revolución, the organization he helped found but which he does not direct – "I am a militant partner," he says. The controversial speaker of pseudoscientific therapies has justified, however, that if Dulce Revolución recognized the first fine of 30,000 euros it was because, indeed, they did not comply with the regulations on purpose, but with a grievance motive. "It was a criticism of the law of labeling plants, where you can not say what they are for, our idea was to provoke to debate," he said. The man has assured that this fine had to be paid with donations from the partners.

The association is still pending the resolution of a third sanctioning case for also promoting the MMS in the context of a pseudoscientific conference held in Balaguer (Lleida), where it was announced that this component served to cure autism, a disorder of the neurodevelopment that currently lacks cure. Pàmies announced that, following the requirements of the Generalitat, which urged him not to promote the MMS, he was going to cancel the meeting but, finally, he celebrated it, spoke of the alleged bonanzas of this illegal drug and even broadcast his conference through social networks .


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