July 12, 2020

The Generalitat defends its data on the pandemic: “Maybe we will inform more”

The Minister of Health of the Generalitat, Alba Vergés, defended this Monday the data provided by his department on the coronavirus pandemic in Catalonia and noted: “You may think that we have more deaths than other territories, perhaps it is that we report more” .

In an interview on Catalunya Radio, Alba Vergés has assured that the data for Catalonia is provided following the instructions of the Official State Gazette and the figures of the funeral homes are also taken into account.

The discrepancy between the data provided by the Department of Health of deceased and infected people has caused unrest in recent days between the State and Catalan administrations, although today the Minister has indicated that “the data is all true, those of the Ministry and ours, but the records from where they are taken are different. “

According to the latest figures from the Health Department, corresponding to yesterday, a total of 11,835 people have died so far by COVID-19 in Catalonia, of which 6,613 have died in a hospital or a social health center, 3,926 in a Geriatric residence and 774 in their homes, while the rest are cases not classifiable due to lack of information.

On the other hand, the consellera has indicated that it is working “to know if we can unify mobility between Barcelona and the north and south metropolitan areas”, since there are “very good” indicators of the evolution of the pandemic in these three areas .

Due to this separation, mobility between the city of Barcelona and the two metropolitan areas, north and south, is prohibited at least this week, despite the passage to phase 1 of the entire territory.

In addition, the city of Barcelona has become the only one in all of Spain that cannot communicate with the surrounding municipalities or allow citizens to leave the borders of the municipal area, except for work or medical reasons.


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