The Generalitat blames the Government for it being "difficult" to control departure times

The Minister of the Interior of the Generalitat, Miquel Buch, has admitted this Saturday that monitoring and following compliance with citizens' schedules during outings for walks and sports is "very complicated", and said that this is due to the absence of control mechanisms that the Government has not decreed.

In statements in Catalunya Ràdio collected by Europa Press, he has trusted that people will respect the confinement: "Now we do not have to break it. We have to keep these recommendations alive and self-protect ourselves and protect others. The confidence of the Govern is maximum and I'm sure we'll get ahead. "

He assured that the Mossos d'Esquadra and the local police are ensuring "so that everyone complies with this regulatory framework", he reported that this weekend they are also focusing on the control of the roads, and thanked the overstraining of the body .

"We must bear in mind that there are missing agents. We have been 24 months and we have made two promotions. We have to do more," and he indicated that some groups will receive a salary supplement for their work against the coronavirus.

"Everyone is trying very hard, starting with the medical corps, but behind there are others such as the Fire Department, Civil Protection and the Mossos who are deployed throughout the territory, ensuring that the confinement is carried out," but he has said that it would be unfair for this retribution to go to some collectives and not others.

In relation to the government's lack of control plan, he has declared that if it depended on it, it would be done territorially, "but the Spanish State opted for subordination", and criticized that this process is carried out from the provinces, because there are regions of emergencies and security that does not always correspond to a region or a province, in his words.


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