May 16, 2021

The Gender Violence Pact, the Women's Institute and paternity leave encourage equal spending

The Gender Violence Pact, the Women's Institute and paternity leave encourage equal spending

The draft of the General State Budgets for 2019 has consigned an increase in the items destined to equality. If the text is approved, the money allocated to finance the State Pact against Gender Violence will be 220 million euros, with the increase of 20 million euros for the municipalities committed by the Government last summer. Along with this, it contemplates the 21% increase in the budget for the Institute for Women with respect to 2018 and the increase of the 308 million euros needed to finance the extension of paternity leave from five to eight weeks.

The accounts presented on Monday by the socialist government provide for the 220 million euros agreed for the development of the State Pact against Gender Violence, approved in September 2017. The figure includes the 80 million managed by the Central Administration, the transfer of 100 addressed to the autonomous communities and 40 for the municipalities. Although the text approved by the Congress speaks of 20 million for local entities, the vice president and Equality Minister, Carmen Calvo, promised to double spending.

A significant part of this financial commitment is articulated around the heading of comprehensive prevention of gender violence, which has risen by 16.1% compared to 2018. It includes transfers to communities and municipalities and money managed by the Government Delegation for this matter, with credit lines for assistance programs. As required by the agreement document, this last concept has grown by 15%, going from 39.5 million to 45.

With this money the Executive intends to "achieve the objectives pursued in the framework of the State Pact", for which it wants to enhance the coordination between different agencies and units that intervene in the process, the formation of the State Security Forces and Bodies, improve electronic protection mechanisms or improve the response "in the investigation, care and protection of victims".

Along with this, the Budget project details some other items in the field of sexist violence, such as free justice for victims, a precept also effective for people in situations of economic vulnerability and that the Government has budgeted at 49 million. It also incorporates the number of labor contracts that it expects to be subsidized by hiring women victims of gender violence and that figure in 968. The bonuses in general have been budgeted at 1,855 million euros, but does not break down which part corresponds to the victims and with other vulnerable groups.

More money for equality bodies

On the other hand, the money of the General State Budgets destined to the organisms in charge of the fulfillment of the equality of opportunities between men and women raises this year 33%. In total, 26.5 million are allocated to this subject. This year with the Government of Sanchez are within the heading of the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality; Last year they were in the Health department. Further. This 2019 is divided between two entities: the Secretary of State for Equality and the Institute for Women.

Last year, the expenditure, which was 19.8 million euros, went in its entirety for the Institute for Women. The budget of that body increases to 23.9 million euros in 2019. That is to say, if executed, its budget grows by 21% with respect to 2018. Within that line is the financing by the Institute of Companies, Public Entities Businesses or Foundations to work on equal opportunities. For example, to the SEPI Foundation for the promotion of women in science; to the CEOE for the development of leadership and promotion of directives; or the Agreement with the Red Cross, CEPAIM, FSG and FEUP for the development of the Sara program on the social and labor integration of women.

As for the Secretary of State for Equality, the money allocated is 2.5 million euros. Among its functions, the Secretariat proposes and develops the Government's policies regarding the elimination of all types of discrimination against persons, not only because of their sex but also of racial or ethnic origin, religion or ideology, sexual orientation or gender identity. age or disability. Also the coordination of the policies of the General State Administration in terms of equal treatment and opportunities. It is an area that was created in 2010, during the second term of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and recovered with the Sánchez government, with Soledad Murillo at the helm.

Expansion of paternity leave

The agreement of Budgets for 2019 signed between the Government and Unidos Podemos included the progressive equalization of maternity and paternity leave. The accounts that the Minister of Finance presents this Monday at the Congress include a line to cover the planned expansion this year: if the Budgets go ahead, the paternity leave will go from five weeks to eight weeks. In total, these permits will cost 825 million euros, 302 million euros more than in 2018, when the permit was five weeks. It represents a 57.7% increase in the amount allocated to these benefits.

The agreed comparison implies reaching eight weeks in 2019, to 12 in 2020 and to 16 in 2021, year in which the permits would be fully matched.

Overall, all benefits that involve temporary cessation of work due to the birth of children, maternity, paternity, risk during pregnancy and risk during breastfeeding are endowed with 2,858 million euros, 11.7% more than in 2018. The increase is a consequence of the extension of paternity leave and the general growth of beneficiaries.

The accounts also include a novelty: a deduction in corporation tax for those companies that incorporate women on their boards of directors. The Government says that the objective of this measure is "to encourage the balanced presence of men and women in these decision-making bodies, thus incorporating the gender perspective into the Tax". However, the details of exactly how this deduction will work are missing.


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