Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

The gay couple assaulted in Fuenlabrada will ask today to judge the hate crime

The gay couple assaulted in Fuenlabrada will ask today to judge the hate crime

The couple of homosexuals assaulted on July 27 in Fuenlabrada today asked for the suspension of the trial where it is expected that their alleged aggressor be tried, since they believe that the facts should be transferred to a criminal court as a hate crime and not a mere crime of aggression.

According to the complainants, today's hearing, which is held at 12.15 in the First Instance and First Instance Court of Fuenlabrada, is only for a minor offense of injury and mistreatment of work, since neither the prosecutor nor the judged consider that the aggression can be framed in a hate crime.

"That this subject is going to come out with a simple fine for minor injuries seems unfortunate," said one of the assaulted, JD, who affirms that there is "evident evidence" of a hate crime after the viewing of the cameras. security and the taking of witness statements.

The assaulted ensure that they have videos of "death threats" from the alleged aggressor, a young man of 24 years, and that these threats are motivated by their sexual identity, since they came after seeing them "calmly walking hand in hand" .

The complainants insist that "they do not look for more money or more compensation", but they understand that "a homophobic aggression" of this type "can not be considered only a crime of minor injuries", since it could create the feeling that "it comes out very cheap to attack homosexuals ".

The facts go back to the past July 27, when YA, 23, and JD, 37, reported that, while "walking quietly" near Renfe Cercanías station, they were rebuked by another young man, about 24 years old, who, seeing them hand in hand, shouted: "Fucking fags, sons of bitches, scum."

One of the victims recriminated the insults and the aggressor gave him a "strong push"; the other man interposed and received "a strong punch in the right occipital area, falling to the ground".

The couple left the place but the aggressor continued to remonstrate with them "with homophobic comments", as they related, and warning him that they were going to call the police, to which the aggressor replied: "I do not care about the police. to kill as I see you again in Fuenlabrada, I've called my friends and we're going to beat you up. "

The police arrested days after the event, on August 10, the alleged assailant, a man of 24 years, who must appear today accused only of a minor offense of injury and mistreatment of work, although the defense expects that the judge eventually end up charging him a hate crime for an aggression that they consider "homophobic".


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