October 30, 2020

The gastronomy of Indonesia, Senegal or Russia join the Folklore Festival of Ingenio – La Provincia

Tomorrow Wednesday, July 23, Ingenio becomes a diverse and exotic platform of unique flavors of the world with the initiative Intercultural Meals, which proposes the XXIV edition of the International Folklore Festival Solidarity Sample of the Peoples which drives the Choirs and Dance Cultural Association of the said municipality. The tastings that the public can try in the Plaza de la Candelaria from 8.30 pm, will start cooking in the morning in different homes of the inhabitants of Ingenio who have lent themselves to collaborate in this peculiar initiative.

From the salad gado-gado from Indonesia to the sweet Italian tiramisu, going through beet soup borsch Russian or the cupcakes ghriba Moroccans, citizens of Ingenio can taste a host of traditional dishes among which the typical Canarian gastronomy, such as sweet potato trouts, the gofio mus, the fish spatter, the mojos wave old clothes, among many others.

In addition to foreign groups, the San Gabriel School of Music, El Draguillo, A.F. participates in this gastronomic initiative. Los Artesanos, the Ingenio Senior Center, the A.F. Las Mahoreras, the A.F.C. Guayadeque, the Association Choirs and Dances of Ingenio, organizer of the festival, the A.F. Tacoremi and Parranda Pa'Ingenio, as well as different families of the municipality.

In its eagerness to bring the food of the people closer, the International Folklore Festival of the Villa de Ingenio Solidarity Sample of the Peoples Organizes this meeting annually, which provides a unique opportunity to explore foreign cuisine through the palate.

Popular tasting

Already in the afternoon, the flavors of different and diverse countries such as Russia, Italy, Benin, Senegal, Morocco and Indonesia will test the most demanding palates with typical dishes of their culinary culture, among a wide offer that also includes Canarian dishes and Madrid.

A score of posts that will open in the Plaza de La Candelaria will offer attendees, free of charge, the possibility of approaching through their flavors, the cuisine of the countries of origin of the groups participating in this edition that concludes next July 31. The night will be enlivened by the parades of the Center for the Elderly of Ingenio, El Draguillo, Parranda del Pan de Puño, Pa'Ingenio, the Folkloric Group Las Majoreras, Guayadeque and Los Artesanos.

The organization has asked all those who wish to participate in this event to donate upon arrival at the Ingeniense square a kilo of food not perishable or personal hygiene products or cleaning, which will be allocated to centers and welfare organizations in the area.

The International Folklore Festival of Ingenio thus shows cultural diversity also through one of the most prominent identity manifestations in the culture of the peoples of the world, its gastronomy. Each country has some dishes that characterize it, so one of the most graphic formulas to learn about different traditions is through the palate.

Thursday's events, day 25

The mayor of Ingenio, Ana Hernandez, you will receive in a ceremony scheduled for 10:00 hours, in the plenary hall of the session, to the delegations of the groups invited to this year's festival, after which a guided tour of some popular enclaves of the town will take place. At 12:00 hours, the presentation in plenary hall of the commemorative coupon that ONCE launches on the occasion of the XXIV edition of this festival will also take place, which can be purchased on August 1. In the afternoon, at 8:30 p.m., there will be a parade colorist which will run from La Cantonera to Plaza de la Candelaria, in which the international groups of the participating countries and many others in the municipality will take part.


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