July 25, 2021

The gastronomic sex Netflix | Television

The gastronomic sex Netflix | Television

in the video, the trailer for the fifth season of ‘Chef completo Table’.


a spongy cake baked, cheese melting on a big plate of pasta or rice combined with unimaginable ingredients. They are the stars of videos consumed in social networks, capable of seducing more viewers than the large influencers.

so appealing and successful, these gastronomic content passed to be called ‘sex for food’ and are the big business of some digital media. For example, Tasty, owned by Buzzfeed, more than 90 million followers on Facebook and has almost 23 million in Instagram. To conceive, shoot and edit a video of 90 seconds, it takes between three and five days of work of one of its writers. And it is very profitable.

Netflix, who knows the importance of niches to retain viewers, also incorporates this offer in its endless programming. In their own way. There where social networks ensure the proximity of the ‘do it yourself’, streaming platform offers extensive Visual and clear vocation inspiring or aspirational, parts as defined by marketing.

each chapter of the documentary series Chef completo Table explains the creative process of the great culinary artists of our time for 50 minutes. It is not to show the depths of the most expensive restaurants in the world, but of those who have an identity, like good wine.

the Mexican Cristina Martínez opens the fifth season, which has just been released. It has become famous as the undocumented chef who managed to appear in the selection of the best new restaurants in the United States in several of the most relevant publications of the Guild. He fled abuse and rode a street food stall until it could invest in its own restaurant.

the documentary sneaks in his small shop in Philadelphia to tell how the kitchen made a form of activism. The chef teaches cooking with barbecue is for her, and the heritage that has been carried with him to the United States, almost a religious ritual. His life story hypnotizes both Tasty videos, but, moreover, remains on the palate for a long time.


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