Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

the game is a public health problem and you have to intervene

The new Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, has assured that the game is a legal activity, but has warned that it can lead to gambling, with what “is a public health problem” in which the Government has to intervene with measures to be announced in two or three weeks.

These considerations have been made by Garzón in an interview in “The Objective” of La Sexta, where he has referred to current affairs and issues related to his department, such as the game.

Garzón has said that it is necessary to intervene on it to reduce the “extreme” problems that it sometimes generates and that it is necessary to do so with regard to advertising and the regulation of the controls of minors in both the face-to-face and online games.

The minister has stressed that “there is virtually no regulation on advertising”: “it is chaos, right now it is practically the law of the jungle,” he said.

And yet, it has continued, the publicity of the game has grown exponentially, so that operators allocate 300 million euros to it.

He has emphasized the “important competition noise” that exists in this activity, which can be a problem for some 200,000 people in Spain.

Therefore, it will coordinate with the autonomous communities and meet with those involved in this sector, including the employers, to adopt measures.

“In the face-to-face game, in the bookmakers, control is absent because a minor can enter an area where it is legalized, but immediately goes to the illegal zone without hardly any control,” he said.

However, he has emphasized that the game is a legal economic activity and that his family, like others, has played the Christmas Lottery on many occasions.

He has also referred to a possible tax on junk food: “we are studying it”, he has apostilled and for this he will coordinate with the Ministries of Health and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, a line on which they will work just as they will others to end the consumption of plastics.

Garzón explained that the reason why three Ministries have been designated for matters that one used to carry is because they have redistributed the functions “seeking greater efficiency” and stressed that he is “very excited” with the configuration of the Government, although he has added that does not mean that it will be simple.

He said that the entry of a communist to the Council of Ministers “is a novelty” and has stated that he deleted the tweet in which he said that Cuba was the only country whose consumption model was sustainable because “he did not want to give any more arguments to the right “.

He has attacked the “educational censorship” of the PP for the so-called “parental pin” and the situation in Catalonia has said that the independence leaders are in prison will not solve the problem, nor the use of security forces . “There is only one way and it is dialogue,” he added.

It seems good to Garzón that Dolores Delgado be appointed Attorney General, because the Prosecutor’s Office – he said – is autonomous and the former justice minister meets the technical and professional criteria.


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