October 29, 2020

The Galician president aims at “solidarity” and “responsibility” to make agreements in the EU

The President of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, believes that the “double equation” that the countries of the European Union need to reach agreements passes through the “solidarity” and the “responsibility” of all its members.

In the press conference this Sunday, after the meeting he has held with the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and the rest of the regional headlines, Feijóo considers that the countries must “materialize” the “efforts” that they are willing to invest in order to “conquer” what they want.

He explained that, for him, “balance” is achieved through “solidarity with Europe and responsibility between the parties.” In this way, he points to a “shared framework” that encompasses both factors and that finds a “not easy, but difficult solution” to this health crisis.

In addition, Feijóo has made it clear that he is “in favor” of the European Union “proposing” a “package of intense measures to recover economic activity” and that, consequently, a deposit of money is available to invest in “health, services and pensions “.

In any case, he does not forget that if the support requested by the countries of the southern Union goes ahead at the next Eurogroup meeting, on April 7, “Europe will also ask us for efforts” in exchange for “receiving that aid”, something that in his opinion of “logical and balanced” within the current framework.


On the other hand, Feijóo has been critical and stressed that “probably neither Europe nor its health authorities were brilliant at the time of making decisions about the pandemic.”

He believes that the “safe” coronavirus causes “alert systems to be strengthened. He wonders how the World Health Organization could have anticipated December 31 and warned of the risks posed by this pandemic and yet” the Most countries do not do their homework. “

Now the scenario shows a Europe “shocked” by an “unforeseen situation” in which member countries will have to invest “efforts” to get out.


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