March 7, 2021

The Galician and Asturian PP require the Government to “stop looking for excuses” and “do not abandon” the electrointensive

The Popular Party of Galicia and the Principality of Asturias met on Sunday to share the “concerns” that both formations share about the situation of the industry in their communities and demand that the Government of Pedro Sanchez “stop looking for excuses “,” listen to the workers and companies “of the electrointensives and” take measures “that improve the Statute for these companies.

The popular consider it “clearly insufficient”, explained in statements to the media the spokeswoman of the PP at the general meeting of the Principality of Asturias, Teresa Mallada, after the Industry Commission that held this Sunday the PPdeG at its headquarters.

There, the Minister of Economy and Industry, Francisco Conde, has accused the Government of “shielding itself in the energy transition to dismantle the industry in Spain.” In this regard, he says that since his party at the Xunta they have been “asking for fiscal measures” for two years “and that a” competitive price “be established for electro-intensive companies that allow” equal conditions “compared to other European countries.

Count has crossed out the current situation of “unprecedented profound energy crisis”, which puts at risk “1,200 direct and 5,000 indirect jobs in A Mariña Lucense” and which will mean “the closure of Alcoa and the unfeasibility of other electro-intensive companies”. For this reason, he looks at Europe and asks Sánchez, in his allegations, “not to look for excuses in the European Commission when making decisions.”


Specifically, Mallada has specified what are the three measures that the popular demand to “make the industry competitive.” One happens to “reduce prices” of the megawatt / hour of electricity; the second consists of “recognizing the figure of the hyperelectrointensive consumer to differentiate companies” through tax exemptions.

The third measure that they request from the Government is “to guarantee the increase of the aid for the compensation of CO2 emissions” through a Royal Decree Law that allows companies to know what contribution they can count on since the beginning of the year.

In Mallada’s opinion, the compensations “must be guaranteed by transposing the European regulations to the Spanish one”, a decision that “Sánchez does not want to take because he would demand” a greater national contribution to the industries. In any case, he has made it clear that since his party “they will not allow” the president “to assume a Statute that leaves the workers.”


In line with these statements, the general secretary of the PPdeG, Miguel Tellado, has also made reference to Pedro Sánchez’s visit to Galicia on this same day. He has criticized that the socialist leader “does not come as president of the Government, but as general secretary of the PSOE to support his main palmero”, the candidate for the presidency of the Xunta by the PSdeG, Gonzalo Caballero.

Thus, Tellado has reiterated that his party would “like” Sanchez to approach the Community to “clarify if he will pay the 370 million he owes to Galicia, if he will guarantee the jobs of the industry” in Northern Spain, if “There will be a workload for the naval sector” or if it will address the “coastal regulations that affect the marine industry”.

He believes that the current government is an “attack on the Galician industry” and asks that it “depose its attitude”. In addition, he has criticized that the PSdeG “devotes all his time to defending Sánchez even if he attacks the Community” and regrets that “the Asturian socialists defend Galicia better” than the PSdeG.

Finally, he concluded that “Spain and Galicia do not deserve a delinquent or liar government,” so the popular hope that the president of the Government “take advantage of his visit to clarify the issues that have been on the table for almost two years and that have not yet had an answer. “


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