The ‘galacticos’ of PSG get stuck in Bruges and City pay tribute

The expected premiere of PSG’s trident did not bring any fantasy for the powerful French club, who could only add a draw in their European debut in Bruges (1-1). Messi, Mbappe and Neymar coincided on the pitch for the first time, but the goal was signed by Ander Herrera. In the other party of the group, the City solved his duel against Leipzig (6-3) and he is already the leader.

There was a huge expectation for the first night of the PSG galacticos. Barely the trident lasted 50 minutes, given that Mbappé had to retire injured at the beginning of the second part. Icardi took his place. Before, at least he assisted Ander Herrera in the French goal (m. 15) later neutralized by Vanaken in a shot that deflected Kimpembe (m. 26).

Messi, to the cross

Messi played in his usual position at Barça starting from the right and stroked the goal with a lovely shot that crashed in the cross-piece (m. 28).

Was the best intervention of the Argentine star, who saw a yellow in the second half (m. 72) and missed a good chance to achieve victory (m. 79) in a gray match of the 2020 runner-up and 2021 semifinalist. Keylor NavasHe even had to intervene a couple of times in the first half to stop a brave witches.


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