The Gala National Library buys a rare copy of Proust signed

Paris, Mar 2 (EFE) .- The French National Library (BnF) has acquired for 350,000 euros an original edition of “Along the way of Swann”, the first volume of the cycle of “In search of lost time”, dedicated by the author, Marcel Proust, to a friend.

The money comes from the collection in which 1,751 donors have contributed an average of 131 euros to buy this copy, which will be part of the BnF collection of rare books.

“The generosity that has accompanied this call for donations shows the bond of the French with their heritage and with literature. Culture is one of the fundamental values ​​shared by our citizens,” said the president of the BnF, Laurence Engel.

It is an “exceptional” specimen because Proust (1871-1922) reveals to his friend Marie Scheikévitch, in 1915, the fate of one of the characters in “In Search of Lost Time”, Albertine.

In the dedication, eight pages long, she asks her friend for confidentiality because at that time the remaining six volumes had not yet been published.

The dedication will be digitized so that its content is accessible in the BnF digital library and will be presented in an exhibition dedicated to Proust in the fall of 1922.

Donations for the purchase of the book have come from France and abroad, with donors aged 19 to 98.


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