The G20 wants to be a friendly and safe scenario to build consensus

The G20 summit, which will be held in Buenos Aires on November 30 and December 1, wants to be a friendly and safe scenario for building consensus on issues of concern to the world.

This is what the Argentine Government thinks about this forum created in 1999 as a debate scenario for presidents of central banks and finance ministers and that in 2008 it resulted in a conclave in which the heads of State and / or Government of the member countries.

The director of the Federal System of Media and Public Content of Argentina, Hernán Lombardi, responsible for the organization of the meeting, explained today to representatives of national and international media the preparations for the summit, considered a matter of State by the Argentine Republic .

Lombardi stressed that Argentina is facing the "largest in its history by the level of demand" summit that demands the planning and organization of the event.

A political veteran who was already minister in the Government of Fernando de la Rúa (1999-2001), Lombardi was determined to ensure that no aspect or detail missing in this appointment that for two days will change the landscape and the peasantry of Buenos Aires Aires

The high level of excellence of the meeting is the "central part" of the way in which Argentina wants to receive illustrious guests from 19 countries plus the European Union, although without forgetting the austerity imposed by the moment in which a country submerged in a deep economic crisis.

Hernán Lombardi also stressed the desire that this is not only a summit of the Government of the Nation, but of the entire country, and that is why they have introduced into the program activities in which their 23 provinces will participate, more the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and its representatives, which will help provide attendees with a hospitable setting.

That scenario will be, according to Lombardi, "robustly safe in a wonderful city", thanks to a team effort coordinated by him in which different instances of the state administration and the federal capital participate.

All these factors will contribute, according to the coordinator of the G20, to the construction of a success that must be articulated during the meetings and that will be reflected in the agreements that are reached, fruit not only of the appointment alone of the leaders but also of bilateral and multilateral that are carried out.

Looking to the future with the novelties in daily life that introduce new technologies and their influence on productivity, as well as the predominant role of the gender perspective, are the main challenges of this summit, which has generated great expectation .

Proof of this is the great infrastructure put at the service of the media by the Argentine Government, an international center equipped with 900 posts for the informants to develop their task in the best possible conditions.


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