July 29, 2021

The future to three bands of Odegaard

The Royal Society wants to make the great effort for Martin Odegaard. The Norwegian has become the great leader of the San Sebastian team. The relationship between the two presidents is fantastic, but the economic difference is very large since the player has a clause of 350 million, impossible amount to deal with the Gipuzkoan club. But despite this financial difficulty, Jokin Aperribay thinks he can convince his friend Florentino Pérez to reach an agreement that is good for all three parties. Here he will tell (and much) the desire of the player to maintain his regular line of ownership since he is living his true sports honeymoon. In San Sebastián he is loved and admired. Soon we will leave doubts about his imminent future.

De la Fuente doesn’t think of Ramos

Sergio Ramos already knows that he will not go to the Tokyo Olympics despite being his dream to increase his enviable professional record. The Olympic coach, Luis de la Fuente, is clear and will trust the players who gave him the classification. The big news could be Marco Asensio, who in May will return to train with the Madrid group again. This gives him options because he is a player very much liked by the coach.

Zidane talk with Mariano

Although he was not especially effusive with Mariano after that goal that the boy scored for Barça just a minute after he came out in the Classic discount, Zidane has had his first long conversation with him to tell him that his situation in the team has given a turn and that for the moment he had earned more in his plans. Last night he was already in Villamarín ahead of Jovic, who was again out of the list of summoned …


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