Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

The future of Messi in Barcelona, ​​according to Rivaldo

He sees it as Totti in Rome

There are many rumors about the future of Messi, but a former Barça player like Rivaldo does not believe he will leave Barcelona. “I see it as Totti or Rogerio Ceni, they are ‘one club men’, players of a single club. Maybe to China or the MLS for being an interesting move from a financial point of view. But I don’t see Messi playing in the Champions League against Barcelona, ​​”says the Brazilian.

Rivaldo also said that he received a non-formal offer and that he did not finally come to fruition to be part of the structure of FC Barcelona, ​​during the second term of Josep Maria Bartomeu. “Bartomeu spoke with me at the beginning of his term to exercise an eventual collaboration. We even took pictures, but after that, we didn’t talk about it again. This was three years ago. Today I am still available for Barcelona, ​​”he said. “In 2021 there will be elections in Barcelona and there are already many names out there circulating about possible presidential candidates, to be sports directors. Of course, I am open to help the club at any time and return to work for this great organization, ”he said.


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