The future of digital transformation, according to Minsait | Innovation

The future of digital transformation, according to Minsait | Innovation

"Indra has renewed its offer, which passes through technological solutions end-to-end, develop value propositions, generate high impact for the client and bet on more innovative products, using the digital technologies and the differential capabilities that we have built and incorporated in this digital environment ". These are the words of Fernando Abril-Martorell, Indra's president in a meeting with businessmen and representatives of Catalan institutions.

In this meeting, and others held on 17 and 18 January with company managers, responsible for digital transformation areas and professionals of the company in Catalonia, Indra's top management has made a reflection on the evolution of technologies and the digital transformation and the impact of these on companies and society. At the time, these meetings have served to publicize in greater detail the renewed offer of Minsait, the Indra subsidiary that groups all its Information Technology businesses, led by Cristina Ruiz, general director director of Indra's IT business.

Indra, through Minsait, has opted to respond to what customers seek and need to consolidate as "the critical operations' technological partner", which is at the "heart of its business and that acts and it improves what really matters and has an impact. "All this to achieve a differential positioning that reinforces the competitive capacity and boosts the company's growth.

In these meetings, Cristina Ruiz said that Minsait, "will put its technological capacity and talent at the service of customers and people to offer solutions that improve their businesses and their lives efficiently and sustainably." Ruiz added that "Minsait presents proposals and disruptive solutions, a powerful offer designed for the future and to put focus on the constant change".

The executive presented at the meetings with Catalan companies and institutions the main lines of strengthening of the offer of Minsait, which has a clear orientation towards added value, and seeks to promote the renewal of business and generate positive impacts for its customers and the society. This offer is made up of a wide range of value propositions for its customers, a set of products that seek to accelerate the transformation and a full range of services.

For its part, Indra's Transport and Defense markets have also embarked on a strategic transformation path to lead the development and implementation of specific digital solutions for the Transport, Aerospace and Defense industry, as indicated by Ignacio Mataix, CEO of the company. Transport and Defense of Indra. The company ensures that its mission and raison d'etre is to be the reference partner to support its clients in the digital transformation of your businesses and operations in these areas.

Cristina Ruiz said at the event with several hundred Indra professionals in Catalonia that "digitalization is not a trend, but a reality in the strategies of companies" and cited six approaches that will mark the growth of the industry in the next three years . These are IA and analitycs; IoT; cloud on the edge; natural language, virtual reality and blockchain and cybersecurity.

The adviser of Indra highlighted the importance that the company grants to equip itself with all the tools Importance to attract, retain and develop the best digital talent.

These meetings also served for Indra's clients and professionals to learn about the achievements of Minsait, both in product development and in specific initiatives on offer, development of commercial capacities and improvements in operations.

And they have been aware that, in a world in which everything is connected with everything, where the sectors of diffuse and where the data is the basis of competitiveness, Indra's subsidiary has the objective of being the smart business platform for companies, societies and ecosystems in the future.

Some key factors of Indra's capabilities and the business consulting response were also highlighted. In this sense, a differential knowledge of business and the highest capabilities to provide end-to-end solutions, consulting, technology and services were highlighted as differential elements of Indra's capabilities.

Additionally, Minsait's comprehensive response capacity to innovation in the digital market, based on business consulting (covering all key sectors and functions in the business), stands out; advanced technologies (a complete portfolio of services for digitizing based on data, advanced analytics and next-generation architectures, and cybersecurity.

The adviser of Indra highlighted the importance that the company grants to equip itself with all the tools Importance to attract, retain and develop the best digital talent.

Fernando Abril-Martorell, president of Indra

Minsait strengthens its leadership in digital transformation

Minsait is the company that groups the consulting business in Digital Transformation and Information Technology within Indra. This division has strengthened its offer, which is focused on a clear orientation towards added value and shows in parallel a clear commitment to the impact on customers and society.

With this, Minsait indicates what will be the future of digital transformation and Information Technology and consolidates as the strategic partner of companies and institutions to reinvent all sectors and promote the transformation of business and society. At the same time, it seeks to capture the strong development potential of these markets and strengthen their profitable growth in sales, while strengthening their position as the destination of the best talent.

Minsait has a leading position in the transformation of businesses based on technology, with a clear sectoral orientation in Energy, Industry and Consumption, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Media, Public Administrations and Health.

And it complements this deep sectorial experience with an undeniable position of leader in digital transformation, reinforced with the integration of Paradigma, Digital Transformation consultancy leader in the offer in 'digital native' format with 'agile' work methodologies and a culture of innovation. In this way, Minsait offers a differential capacity to integrate the world core with the digital world and a high degree of flexibility to evolve at the pace that its clients mark.

As a result, it is a leading consulting company in digital transformation and Information Technologies in Spain and Latin America.

Reinforcement of the commercial offer based on three complementary axes

The reinforcement of the Minsait offer is based on three main complementary axes: a wide range of value propositions, a wide range of services and an open ecosystem of products.

The value propositions of Minsait they are concrete offers of transformation, with a high degree of specialization, that respond to strategic challenges of their clients in multiple industries, and in four large management dimensions of the organizations:

  • · In the creation of new products and services, even reaching the approach of new business models for its customers in the new digital context.
  • · In the relationship with the end customer, increasingly digital, which demands more personalization, agility and consistency in its relationship with organizations.
  • · In the management of operations and technologies, in a continuous transformation towards higher levels of efficiency, operational efficiency and flexibility, in which technology is rapidly transformed to respond to new business challenges.
  • · And in the protection of businesses, by anticipating and managing technological, operational and strategic risks with advanced solutions and services that make up the integral security of the company and its customers.

The wide range of services of Minsait It shows an end to end commitment throughout the transformation process, supporting its clients from the strategic design, through the development and technological integration and even to the operation. This commitment is possible thanks to a comprehensive offer of business consulting services, digital consulting, cybersecurity and operations, with specialized professionals who are integrated into multidisciplinary teams to enable the execution of complex projects.

The third axis of the strengthening of Minsait's offer is its open ecosystem of products, which are now integrated under the Onesait product sub-brand. This ecosystem adds all the vertical products in Energy, Banking, Insurance, Hotels, Airlines, Industry, Telecommunications and Public Administrations, with a base in more than 45 countries.

Based on a solid transaction base, which supports the critical processes of companies, Onesait incorporates new digital functionalities of interaction, connectivity with things, artificial intelligence and network collaboration. In this way, it is positioned as a benchmark player in the software industry, offering service solutions on-premise and on-cloud.

Close relationship with Catalonia

Indra's objective of maintaining a close relationship with Catalan companies and institutions has been reflected in these days also in the inauguration of the new specialized technological center of the company in Sant Joan Despí.

This will concentrate the knowledge and technological innovation activities of the areas of solutions and services of Indra in Catalonia, with an increasing use of robotization, automation and Artificial Intelligence. And at the same time, it will help the company to boost employment opportunities in its environment by generating highly qualified jobs and helping to form a stable community between the company, educational centers and institutions.


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