April 13, 2021

The future in five hours – The Province

The future in five hours - The Province

Five hours, 235 questions, and a decisive result. The nervousness and uncertainty were the main sensations that manifested the 701 toilets of the province of Las Palmas that were called yesterday at 3:00 pm on the University Campus of Tafira from the capital of Gran Canaria to take the specialized sanitary training exam that will give them the opportunity to occupy one of the places called by the Ministry of Health. "It is exhausting to endure so much time doing a test in which we play everything to a letter, and on top of having the ability to keep the mind cold," said yesterday Moisés Peñate, a young grancanario graduated in Medicine, who for the first time was submitted to the exam MIR (Resident Medical Intern).

"I have been preparing this test for a long time, and as we have been informed, there have been no changes in the dynamics compared to last year," said Peñate. The truth is that the Ministry has offered a total of 6,797 vacancies distributed throughout the national territory for the 15,477 applicants to the MIR. The figure represents an increase of 284 places compared to the previous year. However, in the opinion of the opponent, "they are not enough". And he did not hesitate to justify his argument, adding that "we are leaving many doctors and we know that there is no room for everyone, it is time for a significant increase."

With a very positive attitude, and with the experience of having gone to the MIR exam of 2018, Pedro Márquez waited while waiting to enter the classroom to be able to do the exercise. "Hope is the last thing that is lost, but we have the disadvantage that the agenda is never the same because in Medicine everything changes," said this candidate, who intends to specialize in the area of ​​Psychiatry.

For its part, the Nursing collective also has an expansion in the offer of places EIR (Internal Resident Nursing), compared to last year, and has gone from 1,051 to the current 1,092. "But they are not enough," lamented Paula Noelia López, a professional who dreams of being able to specialize in Pediatrics. "We have to say that the test is very complicated and it is difficult to remain calm, many of us are hopeless and we stop studying because we see it as an impossible challenge," he said forcefully.

Beside him was José Carlos Granado, a nurse who had been studying for this exercise since last July, and wanted to highlight the complexity of it. "I've done 19 simulations and it's amazing how difficult it is, we have to keep in mind that many questions are not clear, and some of them get canceled, and if we add that by doing the calculation, we touch 0.11 places per person. , the picture is even more negative. "

On the other hand, Daneira Guerra, wanted to take advantage of the last minutes to review the agenda. It was the second time he went to the PIR (Resident Psychologist), a professional group that has only 141 seats in the state for 4,072 applicants. Based on their experience, the main problem of this test -in addition to the small number of vacancies- is that "there are too simple questions, and other very complex questions that discriminate against the others, which is why it is hard to get a high score".

As every year, the test was carried out simultaneously in all the autonomous communities. In total, the Canary Islands registered 1,378 applicants to seven specialties. The data revealed a decrease of nine registered compared to 2018, and distributed 701 in Las Palmas and 677 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Following this line, 348 opponents opted for Nursing in Las Palmas and 220 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Medicine (290 and 312); Psychology (40 and 76); Pharmacy (15 and 51); Biology (5 and 8); Chemistry (1 and 1); and Radiophysics (2 and 9).

It should also be noted that, as happened last year, the number of opponents of the EIR in the province of Las Palmas continues to be higher than that of the MIR. A situation that has also repeated, but in reverse, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


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