Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The funny reaction of a fan to discover that Ben Stiller gets on his subway

La divertida reacción de una fan al descubrir que Ben Stiller sube a su metro

What reaction would they have if they suddenly find a celebrity on the subway this morning? They would probably be shocked. But once they assimilate what is really their idol, they would go crazy with contentment. It's what happened to a fan with Ben Stiller.

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Many will know the comedian of a host of iconic films, such as The Tenenbaums, The saga of Her parents, Night in the museum or Zoolander. It is undeniable that the actor knows how to win the laughs both inside and outside the big screen. And so he has shown once again in a video that has been shared on the Instagram account Subway Creatures.

When he got into the car, more than one of them stared at him somewhat doubtful because, as he wore sunglasses, they did not know for sure if it was him.

When he entered the car, more than one was left looking at something doubtful because, as he wore sunglasses, they did not know for sure if it was him. The truth is that it is a strange thing that a Hollywood star suddenly climbs on the train. But that's the way Ben is.

But a fan of the interpreter when she looked directly at him. When he noticed the situation, he could not believe what was happening to him, so he started to get ready, and began to remove the curls in his hair.

"My hair, no! You're kidding? You made me laugh a lot! "The faithful follower began to say, finally ending with a tender" I love you! ". The rest of the passengers could not help but laugh at the funny moment.

For his part, the actor just smiled, amused and at the same time surprised of the reaction of the lady. Finally, he ended up taking a picture with her and the rest of the fans who were gaping at him from his seat.

When he discovered who he was dealing with, the fan began to remove the curlers

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