July 14, 2020

The function of the full investiture without candidate inspired by the 'tamayazo'

The unusual and questioned full investiture without a candidate is a possibility that includes the new regulation of the Madrid Assembly to start the countdown to an electoral repetition and avoid paralysis due to lack of candidates, as happened after the 'tamayazo'.

The full investiture without a candidate last Wednesday remains controversial despite being an option that includes the new regulation of the Madrid Assembly, approved unanimously last February.

The option, which until now did not exist in the Chamber of Madrid, was designed for exceptional cases, but has ended up being applied soon after being conceived.

This possibility is inspired by the 'tamayazo', in 2003, name by which the absence of socialist deputies Eduardo Tamayo and María Teresa Sáez is known during the vote to elect president of the Madrid Assembly.

After the tamayazo, no aspirant wanted to take the step of going to a full investiture.

The candidate of the PP, Esperanza Aguirre, did not have the sufficient support to be invested president and Simancas yes, but counting on the votes of the two rebel deputies.

The socialist rejected this option and came to ask for an extension to try to get parliamentary deserters to submit their minutes, but finally opted to submit to the investiture to resolve the institutional blockade.

The inauguration of Simancas was unsuccessful, since both the first and second polling stations Tamayo and Sáez abstained instead of voting in favor of the socialist candidate, as they had announced.

From that moment, began the countdown of two months for the call for new regional elections in which the then candidate of the PP, Esperanza Aguirre, won by absolute majority.

On this occasion, the situation is different because after the regional elections in May there were two candidates willing to go to an investiture session: the socialist Ángel Gabilondo and the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Gabilondo won the elections but the sum of votes of the Socialist deputies (37 seats), More Madrid (20) and United Podemos (7) are not enough to be invested either in a first vote (where absolute majority is necessary) or in a second (which requires a simple majority, that is, more votes in favor than against).

Ayuso, for his part, has only 56 votes in favor of the PP (30 seats) and Ciudadanos (26) for the time being, but he hopes to win the backing of the 12 deputies of Vox in order to be sworn in as president with an absolute majority.

After holding the round of consultations with the parliamentary groups, the president of the Madrid Assembly, Juan Trinidad, of Ciudadanos, decided to convene the plenary session without a candidate, stating that none of the candidates had the necessary support to be able to be invested.

One day before the plenary called a new round of consultations before the possibility that there had been changes, but the result was the same, so it kept the call of the plenary session in the same terms.

The socialist parliamentary group presented a request to ask Trinidad to reconsider its position and formalize the candidacy of Gabilondo, being the candidate with the most support.

However, Trinidad has argued in a letter to the Socialists that the full investiture without a candidate, held last Wednesday, "was scrupulously adjusted" to the current regulations, but admits that the interpretation of this mechanism has raised "some public controversy" "

The regulation of the Assembly contemplates the possibility of calling a plenary session of these characteristics when after the round of consultations there was "impossibility of proposing a candidate", according to the text, although parliamentary sources point out to Efe that the measure can only be applied once by legislature.

With his decision, the president of the Madrid Parliament has begun to run the countdown of two months for the convening of new regional elections, a period that was previously only activated in the event that an investiture was unsuccessful.

From now until September 10, "successive proposals will be processed" until a candidate achieves full confidence.

If this is not achieved, there will be new regional elections on November 10, an option that seems very unlikely after Vox has softened his demands to vote in favor of Ayuso's inauguration.

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