April 14, 2021

The fun story of Amaia in the Goya 2019 – La Provincia

The fun story of Amaia in the Goya 2019 - La Provincia

Amaia Romero, the contestant of 'OT 2017', has left us one of the most curious and funny moments of the gala of the Goya 2019. The last representative of Spain in Eurovision went to the stage of the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Seville for act together with Rozalén and Judit Neddermann to do his acting.

The music had already begun when the artists did not start singing. Then, with the spontaneity that characterizes her, Amaia has asked to start the music again because the clapperboard had not gone well. As requested by the winner of 'Operation Triunfo 2017' the music has started again and the artists have been able to comment on their performance.

An error that any beginning singer would have made him forget even the lyrics, had no negative effect on the young girl from Pamplona, ​​who went out to sing as if nothing had happened.

The artists interpreted a theme that united the four songs nominated to the Goya for the best song and that finally ended up in the hands of Coque Malla. "This is the moment", from the movie "Champions".

Malla took the stage, picked up her prize and Amaia continued with her companions to deliver the Goya to the best original music, for Olivier Arson, for "The Kingdom".

This anecdote from the Goya 2019 joins the one that has led the former Minister Maxim Huerta to make a joke about himself and the applauded performance of Rosalía in which he has covered a song by 'Los Chunguitos'.


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