Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

The fun lapsus of Ferreras after the debate of women in LaSexta

If there are two presenters in The sixth that more overtime accumulate every time there are important current affairs, those are Antonio García Ferreras and Ana Pastor. Recall that when the entire Catalan political crisis began the couple did not hesitate to make several specials about it from early in the morning until well into the morning. And with the various general elections that have also been called in the last two years, it seems that these journalists sleep on television.

In fact, it was after the end of the last electoral debate made by women when the Madrid has had a fun live lapsus. And is that the weather, for the presenter of Red Hot, is always relative.

Ferreras has a lapse of time after the debate of women in LaSexta

Ferreras has a lapse of time after the debate of women in LaSexta

The women's electoral debate held last night at LaSexta, starring María Jesús Montero (PSOE), Ana Pastor (PP), Irene Montero (United We Can), Inés Arrimadas (Citizens) and Rocío Monasterio (Vox) and presented by Ana Pastor, told with a special program conducted by Antonio García Ferreras and in which his most common social gatherings participated.

It was at the end of the debate, when the presenter of Al Rojo Vivo wanted to connect with the team of fact checking from Newtral (owned by his wife Ana Pastor) to meet what lies they had detected during the interventions of policies and bring them to light.

At that time, Ferreras gave happened as follows:Verification team, Lorena Baeza, good afternoon. ” For its part, the journalist responded by laughing with a: "Good evening now!" At that time the clock read 1:27 a.m. This lapse was received on the set between laughs and funny comments. "It's the verification team, it's logical that you do your job," said one of the collaborators. "He has verified that it is night," was also heard.

Although at the beginning the presenter had not noticed his mistake, then he entered the rag: “For me this is … time is relative, time is not absolute, we could already discuss it"

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