The Full Inclusion League reaches its halfway point with everything to decide – Deporte Adaptado CyL

The Full Inclusion League reaches its halfway point with everything to decide – Deporte Adaptado CyL

  • Olmedo hosted the third day of the regional indoor soccer and basketball competition, with five hundred participants

  • CD Duero Zamora, in 3×3, is the most outstanding team, while in futsal, the highest division is between Puentesaúco and Adas Salamanca

A Casta Arévalo player tries to shoot at the Adas Salamanca goal. FEDEACYL

Each ball can be decisive. Equality is maximum -and it shows-. It is the 3×3, basketball format in the Special Olympics Plena Inclusion League, which landed last Saturday in Olmedo (Valladolid).

Without great scores, the teams that compete in this basket competition show the equality that exists in it, and only - and with a lot of suffering - Duero Zamora is capable of adding two points in the Championship.

The Zamorans did it against Asprona León (4-5); and in the 'derby' against Duero Valladolid (3-5), in a demonstration that the team could have fallen on one side or the other. This is this modality, in a Full Inclusion League, which this season hosts more than 500 athletes between the sport of basket ball and futsal.

Precisely, in the leather ball, in the First Division, one of the highest level in the country, CD Puentesaúco and Adas Salamanca dominate with an iron fist, and the League will be a matter between the two, with a certain favoritism for the people from Salamanca , dominators of this during the last five years.

Still, anything can happen with the Burgos team, who entrusts themselves to their international goalkeeper, Edu Díez 'Toro', to surprise them in the competition. The goalkeeper from Burgos has also just learned the news that he will finally go with the Spanish team to the European Championship in Poland in March.

Back in the League, Puentesaúco beat Seña Bermeja from Zamora 1-6; while Adas Salamanca did the same with Casta Arévalo (11-2). In futsal, the equality of the Second Division or IIA also stands out, in which all teams compete until the end. CD Duero Valladolid narrowly defeated San Juan de Dios (4-3) in the Valladolid derby; and CD Duero Zamora won 3-1 against Independiente Cantabria.

The Special Olympics Full Inclusion League of the Adapted Sports Federation of Castilla y León (Fedeacyl) will resume on March 2 in León, with the fourth day of a competition that rotates throughout the community.