The fujimorismo and aprismo prevent that the Congress of Peru dismisses the attorney general

The fujimorismo and aprismo prevent that the Congress of Peru dismisses the attorney general

The Peruvian Congress permanently filed today the dismissal proceedings requested against the Prosecutor of the Nation (Attorney General), Pablo Chávarry, and the spokesman for Fujimori, Héctor Becerril, for their links to the corruption scandal unveiled in high places of the judiciary.

The two constitutional complaints were filed by the permanent commission with the votes of Fujimorismo, which dominates the parliament with a majority, and the Peruvian Aprista Party (PAP), of former President Alan García.

The permanent commission ratified in the second instance the opinions issued by the subcommission of constitutional accusations, which last week also decided to file at first instance the proceedings against Chávarry and Becerril.

The two votes gathered 17 votes against, corresponding to sixteen of the Fujimorist Popular Force and one of the Aprista Party, while in the case of Chávarry there were nine votes in favor and in the case of Becerril ten votes in favor.

The report that will go to the file recommended dismissing and disqualifying Chávarry for ten years before a presumed constitutional infraction and dismissing and disqualifying Becerril for five years for active bribery and influence peddling.

Neither the Fujimori nor the Aprismo changed the meaning of their votes despite the publication hours earlier by the newspaper El Comercio of a recording of a session of the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) that showed that Chávarry was ratified in office despite that it was known that his evaluation notes had been changed by higher ones.

The judicial corruption scandal known as "The white necks of the port", in which Becerril and Chávarry are involved, unveiled in July a wide network of influences, favors and prevarication installed in the high courts of the country, of which high participation magistrates, politicians and businessmen.

In the recordings of telephone conversations, Chávarry is heard contacting the dismissed Supreme Judge César Hinotroza, presumed ringleader of the plot, to have a meeting with related journalists who do not question his appointment as Prosecutor of the Nation.

In the case of Becerril, the members of the CNM recognize that the Fujimorista congressman met with them to press for the appointment of a president of the Fujimori-like institution.

Among the politicians involved is also the leader of Fujimori, Keiko Fujimori, who is credited with the nickname of "Mrs. K" of the "Force Number One", which within this plot met with a judge Hinostroza, who had to decide if ordered to file a tax investigation for money laundering against her.


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