July 14, 2020

The Fujimori meet again in prison where the former president is held

Opposition leader Keiko Fujimori starred in a reunion with her father, ex-president Alberto Fujimori, and her brothers Hiro and Sachie in Barbadillo prison on Sunday where the former president is serving his 25-year jail sentence, two days after the release of the ex-legislator.

"We are going to see my father, with great enthusiasm, I have waited many months for this moment," Fujimori told reporters who are guarding his home, at the time of driving in a car to Barbadillo prison, in the district of Tie

The only relative with whom he has not agreed in the last hours is his younger brother Kenji Fujimori, expelled from Congress for his participation in the alleged purchase of votes to save former president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski from the dismissal in 2018 and with whom his party Force Popular maintained a hard confrontation.

Keiko Fujimori said that "it will depend on him" if he goes to the meeting in the prison where his father is today, but yesterday he already said that he was sure that "later we will find the time and space to also talk and meet again."

The former presidential candidate was released after 13 months in pretrial detention, following a controversial ruling by the Constitutional Court, but will continue to be investigated for contributions to her election campaign by the Brazilian company Odebrecht in 2011 and 2016.

Fujimori insisted that his priority right now is to "recover time and space with my family" and avoided making any political or legal comment about the investigation he has underway for money laundering.

In recent months, both former president Alberto Fujimori and his daughter Keiko lamented the effects that political life has brought to their lives, in two messages shared on their social networks.

"My daughter, I am very sorry to have put you in the world of politics that has hurt you so much. I apologize for that," the former governor wrote, convicted of human rights abuses and corruption last November.

"I just hope to have the strength and life to see you free next to my granddaughters," he added.

The release of Keiko Fujimori will not only have an impact on the probable family reconciliation but especially in the parliamentary elections on January 26, in which his Popular Force party postulates with a list headed by former collaborators of his father, such as former Martha Chavez

Although the closing of the Congress, by the president Martín Vizcarra, was attributed to the fierce confrontation with Fujimori, the electoral jury decided that the parties that were in the dissolved Parliament could return to appear in the elections that seek congressmen They will replace them.

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