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The frustrated macrocomplex BCN World still does not distribute game 7 years later

BCN World, the macro-complex of hotels and casinos that the Generalitat of Catalonia planned to promote with Port Aventura, now converted into Hard Rock Entertainment World, continues without taking off seven years later, after changing its name several times and seeing its size considerably reduced.

The new project that Hard Rock wants to develop now continues to accumulate delays and has not yet been able to start, waiting for the Generalitat to buy the land where the complex, owned by Criteria, has to be located.

The Minister of Territory and Sustainability, Damià Calvet, announced last June that the Generalitat would exercise the option of buying the land where the complex is planned to be built, and from the Catalan Government made sure that the cost would be assumed by Hard Rock.

Although Criteria and the Generalitat agree to carry out this operation, there are still pending "fringes" that have just been closed, as sources of Criteria have confirmed to Efe.

The beginning of the works was planned, initially, for 2018, but for now the machines still do not start working.

From the Department of Territory they are limited to saying that they are "working on the project", but they do not report their status or want to talk about deadlines, since the Urban Improvement Plan, which regulates various urban aspects, is also pending approval.

The embryo of Hard Rock Entertainment World was Barcelona World, which was born as an alternative in Catalonia to Eurovegas, a project that finally did not materialize, although it was announced by hype and saucer by the then government of Artur Mas in September 2012.

The project, first Barcelona World, then BCN World and now Hard Rock Entertainment World, has been reduced as it changed its name and, from the beginning, generated strong opposition between social entities and left-wing political parties.

That macrocomplex of leisure and initial tourism, with six casinos and as many hotels of 2,000 rooms each, located next to Port Aventura, provided for an investment of 4,740 million euros.

The project, whose main investment partner was the Veremonte group, with Enrique Bañuelos in front, aspired to become the main tourist and leisure attraction in southern Europe, with the creation of some 20,000 direct and indirect jobs and the provision of Receive about 10 million annual visitors.

Over time, expectations were lowered and many investors were off the project, although the Generalitat considerably reduced the taxation for casinos.

Hard Rock was in the end the only company that presented an offer to build the Tourist Recreation Center (CTR), which will eventually be called Hard Rock Entertainment World, with an investment planned for the entire project of 2,000 million euros.

The company explained, at the time, that the project would be developed in different phases, in the first of which the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tarragona will be built.

The project includes a collaboration with Port Aventura for the development of a family hotel and with Value Retail, the company that owns La Roca Village, to create a large commercial area.

In May 2018, the Generalitat gave Hard Rock the authorization for the installation and operation of the complex's casino.

As reported by the company, Hard Rock Entertainment World will have a maximum of 7,595 square meters for the game, two hotels, one of them shaped like a guitar, with an approximate area of ​​63,000 square meters, a commercial space of about 15,000 square meters, another restoration of almost 5,900 square meters and another 6,000 meters dedicated to leisure and entertainment.

Ana Ochoa

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