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The fruit of all life that is fashionable to lose weight without going hungry - The Province

The fruit of all life that is fashionable to lose weight without going hungry - The Province

Losing weight is a matter of attitude and good habits. Nutritionists say that there is only one way to lose weight and that, therefore, you finish the "bikini operation" with your goals: falling into what is called a caloric deficit. That is, you have to eat fewer calories than you spend so that your body starts to lose fat. The technique is simple but many times you do not know how to get there. Today we bring you the most repeated recommendation by those food experts: it's about replacing your mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack with a piece of fruit, in this case a simple apple.

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And is that this food has almost no calories and can be a great advantage for your body. Not in vain say the old say that the one who eats an apple a day away doctors and suffers less disease. Remember that the important thing is always to take a healthy and balanced diet. And is that one of the best fashions that has emerged in recent years (especially if you want to lose weight), is to eat real food, not ultraprocessed. But the advantages do not end there. In fact thanks to this little trick you can add another of the five pieces of fruit and vegetables that according to nutritionists you have to eat every day.

But these are not the only tips you can follow in your day to day, far from it. There are two things you have to keep in mind: it is more than important that you pay extra attention to breakfast and dinner. In the first case to give up sugar. You have to start the day with (if possible) salty food that does not increase the glucose in your body and does not fatten you. They also have to be products that "fill" you and "sacien" you so you do not feel hungry at noon. And dinner is also important. (Here you can read how the fashionable fat burning tea is made).

Finishing the day in a good way as far as food is concerned is more than important. The reason? The last meal of the day should be moderate: you will not spend more calories so you do not need to eat much more. Neither you have to eat with alcohol or sugary sodas. But with that large amount of liquid calories that you ingest you will be throwing away everything you have managed to gain (or rather said to lose) throughout the day.


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