September 19, 2020

The French Luis revalidates the world triathlon title with the Spaniards away from the podium – La Provincia

The French Triathlete Vincent Luis has been proclaimed this Saturday World Champion after winning the race held in Hamburg, the only one in the World Triathlon due to coronavirus restrictions, while the Spanish have finished far from the podium.

The world title was put at stake with many absences of triathletes who could not travel due to the sanitary restrictions of their countries, and of others such as the five-time champion of the Spanish world Javier Gómez Noya, who refused to participate as he considered it unfair that the World Cup was awarded with a test instead of the usual seven.

In this way, Vincent Luis knew how to take a slice, without underestimating his great performance in all sectors, and took the victory with a chronometer of 49 minutes and 13 seconds. The Frenchman built his victory in the last stage, gave the final lunge and resolved with mastery in the final 350 meters.

The silver went to the Portuguese Vasco Vilaça and the bronze to his compatriot León Bergere, who reached two and five seconds, respectively. A final full of emotion that served to crown Vincent Luis as world champion again.

For their part, the Spanish triathletes did not show a good performance. The best classified was Antonio Serrat, who finished the twenty-fourth with a time of 50:17. In addition, Fernando Alarza was 27th, Genis Grau, 43rd, Mario Mola – triple world champion – finished 46th and Roberto Sánchez in 52nd. It is the first time without Spaniards on the final podium since 2007.

Taylor-Brown also repeats in women

In the female category, Britain’s Georgia Taylor-Brown also revalidated the world title triathlon by beating Flora Duffy from Bermuda and Laura Linderman from Germanyn, silver and bronze, respectively, although he did so with more margin than his male counterpart.

Taylor Brown stopped the clock in 54 minutes and 16 seconds, nine less than the two-time world champion Duffy and 23 less than Lindermann, who restored pride to German cycling seven years later with a place on the podium. The best Spanish was Anna Godoy, 36th; also Miriam Casillas (40th), Sara Pérez (43rd), Carolina Routier (46th) and Xisca Tour (56th).


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