The Franco family extends its accusation by prevarication against the people who participate in the project of exhumation

The Franco family extends its accusation by prevarication against the people who participate in the project of exhumation

The family of Francisco Franco has extended his complaint for alleged prevarication against people who are participating in the process to exhume the remains of the dictator of the Valley of the Fallen, according to a letter to which Efe has had access.

Presented last Friday in the court of instruction number 3, the letter of extension of the complaint insists that the legitimacy to request the exhumation of an embalmed body corresponds "exclusively to the relatives" and indicates that, after the refusal of the family, the Government published a royal decree "ad hoc" with the sole purpose of "imposing its capricious will".

The grandchildren of Franco suggest that the Deputy Director General of Human Resources and Inspection of Services of the Ministry of Culture, Antonia González Cano, be cited as the person who signed the resolution of October 15 in which he re-entered active service to Víctor Cageao as director of Real Estate and Natural Environment by National Heritage, "all with apparent lack of competence for such administrative act."

In his opinion, the Ministry of Culture does not have the faculties to re-enter an active service to an official who is in special services, such as Cageao, who was then coordinator of the Prado Museum.

They also argue that the basilica of the Valley of the Fallen is "inviolable" and that, in addition, it is in a state of "serious deterioration", so that any action that requires introducing very heavy machinery -which would be necessary to lift the slab of 1,500 kilos- can produce "serious damage to its structure".

In the same way, they claim that Patrimonio Nacional does not have the faculties to recondition the place where the sepulchral slab is located and that the Directorate of Real Estate and the Natural Environment, in fact, does not even have competences for the removal of sepulchres.

Complaint filed at the beginning of December

At the beginning of December, the seven grandchildren of Franco filed a complaint against the high officials who signed, on November 14, the draft budget of minor work to carry out the exhumation of the remains of his grandfather.

The complaint is directed against the undersecretary of Justice and instructor of the exhumation file, Cristina Latorre, the president of the Board of Administration of National Heritage, Alfredo Pérez de Armiñán, and the official of the Prado Museum Víctor Cageao Santacruz, who "pretended to be by Director of Real Estate and Natural Environment of National Heritage ", and against the Undersecretary of the Presidency, Antonio Hidalgo López.

Signed by Jaime Martínez-Bordiú Franco on behalf of his brothers, the letter states that all the accused "were aware" that Cageao "did not hold the position of Director of National Heritage Properties, despite which, to accelerate the entire process , knowing the usurpation of functions and the falseness of the ostentation of said office, signed the exhumation project on November 14, 2018. " According to the complaint, from Justice "was requested in a hurry on November 13" the project for the exhumation, which "was made in a single day signed the next day."

The Franco family believes that the accused may have committed a crime of prevarication, in addition to the usurpation of powers and functions, because "they conspired to dress the position of who did not have it and participating in meetings, even in the Valley of the Fallen ", in order to" technically plan the exhumation ".


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