August 12, 2020

The Franco asked to suspend the exhumation on June 10 if before the Supreme Court has not resolved the merits of the matter

On February 15, the Council of Ministers approved the agreement authorizing the execution of the exhumation, as long as the family agreed to choose a location other than the crypt of the Cathedral of Almudena to inhumate again the remains of his grandfather .

Faced with the refusal of the family to resign for the moment to bury Franco in the grave they have in perpetuity in the crypt of La Almudena, a place that the Government considers inadequate because of its very central location and its tourist interest, the Executive later approved , on March 15, another agreement by which he decided to re-smoke the remains of the dictator in the cemetery of Mingorrubio and set for June 10 the date of the burial works.

To proceed with the exhumation, the Government will request the corresponding ecclesiastical permission and if it did not obtain it (until now the prior of the Benedictine abbey that keeps the Basilica of the Valley of the Fallen has refused) will request a judicial authorization. Only with one of these two permits, will access the Basilica to exhume Franco.

Both the family and the Francisco Franco Foundation appeal to the damage that would be caused if the remains of the dictator are transferred before the Supreme Court decides on the merits of the matter. That is, if those remains are transferred to Mingorrubio and then the court decides that they must return to the Valley of the Fallen.

But the family also affects another argument. It accuses the Government of "lying" when it interprets that the family has renounced to designate an alternative place to the crypt of La Almudena for burial. In their brief requesting the extension of the appeal, to which Europa Press has had access, they recall that they sent a letter to the Government stating that, in the event that the Supreme Court rejected their appeal, they would agree to indicate an alternative location. to La Almudena and asked that they be given a reasonable time to make the decision.


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