September 23, 2020

The fourth wave of feminism and the gay world look at each other | Society

The fourth wave of feminism and the gay world look at each other | Society

Feminism and the gay world, once traveling companions, look at each other today. Many know it, but not everyone wants to publicly acknowledge it. It's not just the rent bellies, although this issue has opened a crack that does not close, if it is enlarged. The one that is already recognized as the fourth wave of feminism, which nowadays brings millions of women to the streets, organize a revolutionary MeToo, tries to change the policy, embraces the ecology and rejects capitalism in its hardest version, that wave does not sympathize with certain behaviors of the gay world. It collides with some forms of life of the G of the LGTBI.

In recent years, some feminists turned their faces to the ostentation of the caravan that claimed the bellies of rent in the Gay Pride. A practice, the commodification of the woman's body, which to a large extent frightens her. "What can we feminists do with that market pride? The fourth wave of feminism is markedly anti-capitalist, very critical of neoliberalism as a source of inexhaustible inequality and exploitation. But not only are the bellies hired. The market has an infinite capacity to articulate the patriarchal demands: bellies, prostitution, pornography, the sex industry in general. And it has had the same capacity and speed to satisfy sexual dissidence, "says feminist Rosa Cobo Bedia, professor of Gender Sociology at the University of A Coruña.

"For radical feminism, certain gays, not all of them, are lacking in a deep reflection on gender equality. This has been happening for years. They were more about homologizing with the heterosexual world and feminism advocates changes between equals, it wants to combat gender roles and male supremacy, "says Luz Sanfeliu, a feminist militant and professor at the University of Valencia.

In that male supremacy in which certain gays also stop, those who go out in July in a parallel and minority demonstration that calls itself Critical Pride, more than the taste of some feminists. "Patriarchy is installed in the gay community. Many are macho, I know because I am LGBT and bisexual activist and I relate a lot with them. They do not understand the feminist movement as women understand it. Some are also plumbophobes, the most effeminate gay looks at him badly. Physical masculinization is the norm, if you come out of that you are nothing more than a funny ladybug ", criticizes Javier Bujarrabal, collaborator of the Critical Pride. "Many gays have not made the path of feminism. With their muscular image, machuna, sometimes they despise the pen. And some do not relate to women more than from superiority, "says Beatriz Gimeno.

Gay Pride in Madrid on July 7, 2018.
Gay Pride in Madrid on July 7, 2018.

What do you think of this divorce between feminism and the gay world, Jesús Grande, the president of Cogam, the gay community in Madrid? "There is a bit of separation of ideas, but it is only with the most radical feminism. On surrogate pregnancy we have reached a certain understanding, although not with all feminism. As a collective we are completely in favor [de esta práctica], recognize. "I have already attended three cases and all three were women. Those who are against are very ill informed, "he says. On the approaches of the Critical Pride he maintains that they collaborate with them in some activities and that "in some things they are right".

When you ask the activists linked to feminism always, the thing changes dramatically. Uge Sangil does not believe that the LGBT movement has positioned itself openly in favor of the hiring bellies. Nor do all gays think so. "I am against rent bellies. I also know of some controversies between feminism and the LGBT collective, but I believe that our struggle is hereditary of the women's movement. It is true that some sector of feminism is transphobic, "begins Toni Poveda, a historic LGBT activist. But he recognizes that "machismo and misogyny pervade the entire society", including the gays. "This has always happened, now it is being exaggerated. My objective has always been the transversality of feminism, "he adds.

Sangil, president of FELGTB, the national federation, recognizes that there is discomfort, although it would not say a gap, between the feminist movement and the LGTBI collective, if at all, a "seismic movement". And she places the epicenter in another issue: the political subject of feminism, also questioned now. It refers to the division between some feminists and transsexual women, from which strange words that did not exist yesterday arose: cismujer, bifobias, transgénero, terf.

Cismujer (or cishombre) is a term that wants to distinguish women from transsexuals, to simplify. That is, to those who have been born women and are satisfied with it of those who were born with male genitals but know women. And from this difference come the acronym terf (trans-exclusionary radical feminist), with which those who discriminate against the second or do not want to be part of the same club are designated. Some feminists understand that displacing women as an object of feminism will harm the cause.

An equality program or a diversity issue

Feminists recognize that the gay movement is strong and influential: "It has complicity with institutions, parties, the media; the law of marriage was in Spain while the gender violence, for example, "recalls Rosa Cobo. But the rise of feminism in recent times seems to have left it small. "After sharing common goals, the gay movement has made its gains and has become independent while feminism has flooded society with an equality program that perhaps is now the main program of progress. Feminism covers everything, including gays. They go by parallel paths, but not different. And I do not see the need for allies to go, "says Juan Sisinio Pérez, professor of Contemporary History and author of the History of Feminism.

But the truth is that for a long time they have gone hand in hand. Or the ones have supported each other, as Rosa Cobo thinks. For example, certain conquests of feminism that resulted in the creation of councilors, women's ministries, or even a Ministry of Equality, have finally taken charge of the global issue of "diversity", which is also a matter of equality, but different Even sharing economic resources. "Well, I think it's great. While feminists have stayed behind, the LGBT has advanced, "says Uge Sangil, of the state gay and lesbian Federation.

However, his colleague Jesus Grande de Cogam, believes that rather than discrepancies between feminism and gays is "activism, in general, which is disengaging. He is paralyzed and manipulated by the powers that be. "

"There is a part of feminism that is very transphobic, but it is because they do not know it. I am a critic with part of the trans speech, but not with them. No matter how much discrepancy there is, I do not think that is putting us in danger, "says Beatriz Gimeno, currently a deputy for Podemos in the Community of Madrid, always an activist for LGBT rights.

Sex and gender

"Feminism welcomed trans women and invited us to go on their 8-M banner", recalls activist Carla Antonelli, angry today because some feminists, "not all the collective", are against the trans: "The terf, "he says. "And denying women is nothing feminist," he adds. That same argument is the one that feminists expose certain transsexuals.

The thing is that sex is permeating the feminist movement. What was once patriarchy is now heteropatriarchy. The issue of gender as roles attributed to men and women is now a matter of sexual identities. "My students only want to talk about gender, desire, sexuality and that debate was vital for feminism in the sixties but sexual freedom is only one part of feminism, equality is another", explains Isabel Morant, Professor of History Modern University of Valencia. "The discussion about sexual identity debates is very fashionable among young people, it's something that comes from the American world. They believe that the rights are already overcome and many of the feminist studies in the United States now take as their object the identity: black, Hispanic … the body gives the measure of all things. People are increasingly mixing LGBT collectives with feminism, which is much broader, "adds Morant, who was the director of the Feminismos collection of the Cátedra publishing house.

Here is another obstacle where the alliance between the LGBT collective and feminism finds some crack. "The gay movement, since its foundational act in Stonewall, in 1969, has grown a lot and fast, with less social resistance, of course, than feminism. For them, the fundamental problem is sexual oppression, sexual dissidence, the proliferation of genders, the way of living sexuality. Feminism is much more than that, feminists have already made that fight for sexual emancipation, along with the LGBT collective ", analyzes Rosa Cobo.

Indeed, gays and women walked together for a long time. The patriarchy, which loves the woman woman and the man man, has crushed both equally. Because, It is no coincidence that in Spain the law of homosexual marriage came to Spain with the first president declared openly feminist, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

But the struggle has taken many nuances. And there are those who defend that some gays are still macho men. Or that machismo is not just a matter of heteros. "They, as men, have been socialized in the idea that their sexuality is a right and we are not," says Rosa Cobo. Certain hypersexualization or the consideration that men's sexual desire is different (and sometimes irrepressible) is a reproach that the feminist world often makes to men, also to gays. "The movement for sexual freedom has been so strong that it has impregnated everything to the point that part of feminism is accused of pacato. It was with Me Too, that some French feminists accused others of puritances, but I think they are far from it, "says Morant.

Pink market is another of the expressions that arise when dealing with this divorce between the purple and the multicolored world. Defines a way of life accommodated and without brake between some gays. Neighborhoods that were humble when not impoverished and have now experienced strong gentrification. They are the elite.

"They do not have an articulated social movement like feminism, which already has three centuries. And they do not have it because they have sold it to the market to a large extent, "criticizes Rosa Cobo, aware that her words are not comfortable. They are shared by Bujarrabal, of the Critical Pride: "Sponsorships, brands, is the business of the current Pride, very commercial and capitalist. In Chueca a few gay businessmen share the territory: hotels, bars; they have become an amusement park. " Matiza Uge Sangil: "I think that pink market is a minority. Not all gays are capitalists. Many young people do not even have pipes. "

Nothing in return

To the Spanish philosopher Celia Amorós we owe the term "ruinous relations", which defines those causes to which feminism lent its support without finding anything in return. It happened in the French Revolution, that after the revolt sent the women to the kitchen, or with the abolition of slavery, which left them in the lurch again. There are more examples in the past. Now ecology is another of the great struggles of feminism and there are already those who warn that women are being asked more than they should for the salvation of the planet.

"We will always be allies of just causes, but the goal of many gays is not the emancipation of women, but their collective. Feminism is neoliberal anti-capitalist, contrary to the patriarchal system and we have a different relationship with sexuality. I think the gay movement has relied on feminism. They were our allies, but maybe from now on they will not be, or only a part of them. The gap is a fact. We can agree on some things but not establish ruinous alliances, "says Cobo.

All temper bagpipes. They say that any definitive division can affect them both. Carla Antonelli, ditch: "Let's not fall into false traps and acid and sterile debates because we can go to a pitched battle. Alliances must be rescued. "


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