The founder of Tuenti denounces that some hooded men tortured him in his Madrid apartment to steal bitcoins

The National Police are investigating an alleged theft of the founder of the social network Tuenti, Zaryn Dentzel, who has assured the agents that a group of hooded men tortured him this Tuesday in his apartment in Madrid to confess the password of his bitcoin accounts, where he had several tens of millions of euros in storage.

The Judicial Police of the Higher Headquarters of the National Police investigated the events after a neighbor of the Dentzel house building, located on Ruiz de Alarcón street, called the agents alerted by the cries for help he heard.

The agents went to the place around 7:20 p.m. and took a statement from the well-known American businessman, who reported that at three in the afternoon he was at his home accompanied by a maintenance worker when they rang the bell.

When he opened the door, a group of four or five hooded men broke into his house and, after covering the surveillance cameras with clothing, handcuffed him, gagged him and sprayed him in the eyes, according to the businessman's statements to the police that has advanced this Wednesday the newspaper El Español and sources of the investigation have confirmed to Efe.

Blows, cuts and a taser gun

The 38-year-old businessman from California said that this group kept beating him for about four hours, demanding the passwords of his cryptocurrency accounts and the passwords of his computers. To do this, he said, they made several cuts with a knife on his chest and used a taser gun to apply electric shocks.

Finally, the businessman gave his attackers the password to his bitcoin account, where he claimed to have several million euros. In addition, he pointed out that the group of hooded men stole several computers, mobile phones, a tablet and a pendrive.

Although Dentzel has not yet filed a complaint with the police, investigators are working on the hypothesis that the alleged robbers belong to a gang from Eastern Europe.

The Scientific Police also went to the house to collect evidence and the Judicial Police check the security cameras of the apartment, while another resident of the building assured the agents that he had seen a group of masked people go out into the street with various bags.

Zaryn Dentzel created the social network Tuenti in 2006 and four years later Telefónica bought 85% of its capital for 70 million euros. Tuenti closed in 2016, although the Californian businessman maintained his residence in Spain, where he arrived in 1998 for an exchange of studies.


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