The foundation that covered the expenses of the king emeritus paid eight million in trips to the Dominican Republic or the Bahamas

The Zagatka Foundation, a company that paid for part of King Juan Carlos's expenses and was managed by his cousin Álvaro de Orleans, paid eight million for flights to different countries in North America, the Caribbean and the Middle East between 2009 and 2018, as published by El Confidencial this Tuesday. The frequency of these trips allegedly increased after the monarch's abdication in 2014.

The foundation that paid the king's expenses received 6.5 million euros in Switzerland through anonymous transfers

The foundation that paid the king's expenses received 6.5 million euros in Switzerland through anonymous transfers

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The newspaper details payments from Zagatka to private flight rental companies such as the British Netjets UK Ltd or the Swiss Tag Aviation, which received in 2010 almost one million euros in some thirty transfers, although there was no record in the invoices of the routes you covered for your client. In 2011, another company, Vistajet Aviation Services, based in Malta, was chosen. The foundation that allegedly had been nourished for years by illegal commissions and anonymous income, paid this company 576,310 euros.

The payment of jets private companies were interrupted until November 2014, five months after the monarch's abdication. From that date, the contracting of services with Air Partner takes place. Of the nearly 8 million that supposedly left Zagatka to pay for private flights, more than 6.1 million went to this company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange, according to the invoices to which El Confidencial has had access, in which only the name of Álvaro de Orleans appears.

On the flights contracted with Air Partner, only the number of people traveling is indicated, although at least two of the contracts state the Zarzuela Palace as the client's address, and the name of Vicente García Mochales appears on another flight order. , head of the personal escort.

Of the private trips with Air Partner, there is one in November 2016 from Torrejón de Ardoz airport (Madrid) to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), returning to Madrid a week later and having an invoice of 171,504 euros.

In February 2017, he spent another 189,000 euros on a round trip to the Dominican Republic. Juan Carlos I and four other unidentified companions on board traveled to La Romana international airport, located next to a luxury resort owned by the Fanjul brothers, with whom the emeritus monarch maintains friendship.

This same year, other flights to Bermuda in June and to Vancouver (Canada) in September were paid with funds from Zagatka. In this last trip, according to the published information, 19 people traveled, the entire crew of the "Rascal", who competed and was champion in the 6M class world championship. Air Partner's invoice amounted to 440,000 euros. They were followed by flight contracting to the Persian Gulf, the Bahamas, where he spent New Year's Eve in 2017, and the Dominican Republic in January 2018.

The last trip that is recorded on Zagatka's account is from May 2018, almost four years after Juan Carlos I resigned from the crown. On the 16th of that month, according to the invoices, he left Torrejón de Ardoz for the Windsor Locks Bradley International Airport, in the state of Connecticut on the east coast of the United States.

Zagatka: an offshore foundation to pay the king's expenses

Zagatka is a foundation offshore which would have served for years to pay the expenses of the king emeritus. The manager of that entity is Álvaro de Orleans, the king's cousin, who has acknowledged that he was in charge of paying for the travel of King Juan Carlos. The king's ex-partner, Corinna Larsen, assured in one of the conversations with José Manuel Villarejo that the king's cousin was the one who handled all the money and came to define him as "a bank."

This Monday it was also known that this company received 6.5 million euros in its accounts in Switzerland through five transfers of anonymous origin. As published The confidentialThis was an income of 5.5 million euros and another four of 250,000, made in 2008 to the account of the foundation in Credit Suisse.

The king is currently facing three judicial investigations stemming from his money movements. A first, about to be archived, on the 65 million euros it received in Switzerland; the second, which delves into the use of opaque credit cards with funds allegedly paid by a Mexican businessman; the third, the most recent and the least known, investigates the monarch after an alert from the office that tracks money laundering.


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