The Foundation that brings together Esperanza Aguirre, Mayor Oreja and Hermann Terstch awards Judge Llarena

The Villacisneros Foundation, which welcomes politicians from the PP such as Esperanza Aguirre or Jaime Mayor Oreja to its board of trustees and from Vox, in the case of Hermann Terstch, has granted its annual award to the Supreme Court magistrate Pablo Llarena, who is recognized “his work in defense of the rule of law”. Llarena is the magistrate who instructed the cause of the procés and who defended the existence of violence in the Catalan sovereign process. Finally, the court condemned the defendants for the crimes of embezzlement and sedition, and not rebellion, as the Prosecutor’s Office and the investigating magistrate himself had maintained.

The Villacisneros Foundation is presented as “a relevant social act in the active defense of the values ​​of Christian humanism, of the unity and history of Spain and of the dignity of the victims of terrorism, in the face of the threat of those who want to destroy our nation , spread a false story of our history and legitimize nationalisms. ” Its president is the businessman Iñigo Gómez-Pineda and the former president of the Basque PP María San Gil, together with several members of the president’s family, is on the board. It is in the board of directors where the aforementioned politicians participate.

“Pablo Llarena, despite the persecution suffered, has known how to remain firm in the face of coercion attempts, exercising his function as expected of a public servant, with objectivity and neutrality. It is not easy to do so in the circumstances indicated and therefore his behavior is exemplary and worthy of recognition, “says the Villacisneros Foundation in a note.

Llarena has returned to be topical by reacting to the arrest of Carles Puigdemont in Sardinia with a new request for the delivery of the fugitive from the cause of the procés, as it had already done with Belgium and Germany without success. Llarena defends that the European arrest warrant that he himself issued and later annulled is still in force. On this occasion, he has publicly confronted the State Bar, under the Ministry of Justice, for maintaining a contrary interpretation, in a letter to the Italian justice sent by the judge through Eurojust.

The Villacisneros Foundation is dedicated to participating in the academic field, organizing for example conferences in Catholic universities, and publishing books on ETA terrorism and other issues, such as’ A new colonialism. The gender ideology ‘. It also takes legal action for the tributes to ETA prisoners or publicly orders the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to prevent the holding of acts in this area.


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