Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The forward looking for Zidane for Real Madrid

The forward looking for Zidane for Real Madrid

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Benzema is the key element of the whole project that when Zidane finishes this season he will start at Real Madrid and the search for a nine that complements or replaces Karim is one of the issues that are dealt with in the offices, but no hurry. It is thought that both Hazard and Pogba (or Erikssen) are more important and that the arrival of Rodrygo will also help the attack. The market is being probed, patiently, waiting for the best option to arrive.

Raúl de Tomas: The club decided to give him this season because he thought he still needed minutes, but each time they are more clear that he is a player who can do Madrid very well. It is the most economical option, but also the one that is most likely to be adapted to the League.

Lewandowski:. He has fought with fists with Corman in the training of Bayern and is about to see how long he will endure in the German team. It is not the first time he is related to Real Madrid, but in the white set were not willing to pay a very high amount of transfer for a player of 30 years and it is not very clear how it can work in Spanish football.

Jovic: The appearance of his representative in Madrid a few weeks ago triggered all the rumors about his possible arrival. Barcelona is also on the lookout for a Serbian soccer player, 21 years old and with a great ability to score. "The truth is that Luka wants to continue in the Bundesliga and qualify with Eintracht for the Champions League," said his father.

Mariano: He has not had minutes this season and has not taken advantage of the opportunities he has had. When he has left the field he has been seen too anxious, crazy to take advantage of his opportunity. That, without a doubt, has played against him in a complicated season. Your future is complicated.


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