July 28, 2021

the formula that makes Cupra succeed

A sports car and high performance does not necessarily have to be flashy and spectacular. This is what Cupra has understood, which represents the luxury of discretion, without giving up an engine that, as in the case of the Ateca, develops a power of 300 horses. In its aesthetics, subtle touches to distinguish only in the eyes of the very knowledgeable. At the wheel, performance of a car with almost competitive reactions.

And, the word Cupra, created initially to point to the sportier versions of Seat, results from the union of Cup, that is, cup, and Racing, racing. But the brand has already taken its own flight. More and more his differentiated image was created. Separating from its matrix. The changes made this week, with the creation of its own commercial organization and sales structure, show the enormous will of a total independence of Seat, which was its mother house and from which it takes some designs. But Cupra also knows how to make his own creations that we will see in the not too distant future.

1,999 units

Within the character of exclusivity that high performance vehicles always have, Cupra has launched a special edition of its Ateca. It is known in the catalog as Limited Edition. A series of which only 1,999 copies will be manufactured worldwide, of which 350 units will arrive in Spain. And for those who seek even more exclusivity, 50 will carry a special escape manufactured by Akrapovic, the most prestigious firm in the world in this field and that offers a very special, almost inimitable sound.

Externally, this Ateca could go unnoticed in the eyes of any citizen, unless he is an expert in motor matters. In that case, it cannot be left in both the exclusive gray color that all the units of this limited edition carry and in an endless number of details, such as 20-inch wheels, carbon fiber realizations in the spoilers or the rear-view mirrors, some finished in copper or the competition “baquet” seats if we take a look inside.

Once behind the wheel, the behavior is different from what we might expect from an SUV. Starting with its adaptive chassis that offers perfect stability on all types of roads and the behavior of a sports car in the areas of curves, where we can carry out the change of weights without appreciating almost balancing that destabilizes us. This rapid driving efficiency also contributes to the rapid seven-speed DSG shift, which can be activated manually by the steering wheel cams.

This Cupra Ateca Limited Edition combines the effectiveness of the best sports cars with the space of a SUV of good dimensions and that can combine the two personalities of a family car for daily use and an almost competitive vehicle when we want to have fun. And all for a price of 58,584 euros that can not be considered high if we look at the competition rates that do not offer such complete products and much less with these benefits.

But Cupra's adventure has only just begun. In his portfolio he has very interesting models in preparation, such as a Leon Cupra and also in his Leon Sport Tourer or Formentor version. Everything to continue increasing its presence in the market more and more brilliant since the brand has doubled its sales this year compared to last year and is close to three thousand units registered. It is not strange with products like the one we have driven.


l Motor: four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline l Displacement: 1,984 cc l Power: 300 hp l Maximum speed: 247 Km / h l Accelerate 0-100: 4.9 seconds l Tell me: 4.37 / 1.84 / 1.61 ml Plazas: 5 l Weight: 1,615 kg l Traction: at four wheels l Transmission: 7v automatic l chap. Deposit: 55 l l chap. trunk: 485 liters l Average consumption: 8.5 l / 100 l Price: 58,000 euros

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