The former Vox deputy accused of abusing a woman in Madrid is acquitted

The Provincial Court of Madrid has decided to acquit of a crime of sexual abuse to Carlos Hugo Fernandez-Rocaformer Vox deputy for the province of Almería accused of sexually abusing a woman in November 2020. The judges understand that there is not enough data to convict him, although they understand that the victim "has not lacked the truth" but they explain that it exists " an important enough doubt” about what happened.

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The Prosecutor's Office even asked for five years in prison for this former deputy of the far-right formation, accusing him of sexually abusing a woman. The, during the trialdenied the facts and accused the complainant of having "a brutal obsession with Vox and politics, he wanted to enter politics, he was fixated."

The judges declare it proven that Fernández-Roca and the complainant met in Madrid in November 2020, a month after meeting through mutual friends. That night, according to the sentence, they stayed and had consensual sexual relations at the accused's house, without sexual abuse taking place as the complainant and the Prosecutor's Office affirmed.

For the Audiencia de Madrid there is no doubt that both had sexual relations, nor that she had drunk enough that day, but not so much as to nullify her abilities. From there, they understand that his testimony is not solid enough to condemn the former Vox deputy for Almería but they reject, as the now acquitted said, that the complaint came from his fixation with the far-right party. "These are statements by the defense that have no evidentiary support," says the Court.

The judges do conclude that the complainant's account is "prone to exaggeration" in some of its points and that there are data "not sufficiently explained that overshadow, in a certain way, her testimony." The sentence can still be appealed before the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid.

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