The former vice-president of the CNMV filed a lawsuit against Villarejo and González for the espionage of BBVA | Economy

The former vice president of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) Carlos Arenillas has presented this morning the complaint he had announced for the alleged espionage to which he was subjected when he held that position. The complaint, delivered in the Central Court of Instruction No. 6 of the National Court, which occupies the judge Manuel García-Castellón, aims to "safeguard their legitimate interests" and is directed against the retired Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo Pérez, the former head of security BBVA Julio Corrochano and the former president of the entity Francisco González, "as well as how many people could be involved in the events investigated."

The complaint goes to those involved for the crimes, at least, of intervention of communications carried out by a public official (Article 198 in relation to Article 197.6 and 7 C.P.); seizure of company secrets (art.278.2 C.P.); crime against honor (Article 208 C.P.) and crime of coercion (Article 172 C.P.).

The complaint in the courts, that EL PAÍS, who was preparing the former vice-president, has already of the CNMV, it is presented one day before the general meeting is held of BBVA shareholders in Bilbao, and joins the one presented by Luis del Rivero, Vicente Benedito and José Domingo Ampuero and the request of former Minister Miguel Sebastián.

The plaintiff requests that he be held as an aggrieved party in the proceeding and that, once the secrecy of the indictment has been lifted, he is given a copy of the proceedings and what is done, and he is allowed to intervene in the proceedings that are agreed upon.

The complaint states that part of the publications that have occurred during the last months about the alleged contracting by BBVA of the official of the State Security Forces and Corps Villarejo Pérez, now retired, and the company's society to perform "tasks Intelligence". In that contract, presumably the former president of BBVA, Francisco González, and former security chief Julio Corrochano were implicated.

The complaint ensures that the collaboration would have been, at least in part, reflected in a series of reports, some of which have been published directly on the Internet. In the aforementioned reports, says Arenillas, a series of statements are collected that, if true, would involve the development of a strategy of "sustained harassment" against several people, including the complainant. In the presented complaint, other indications and evidence are provided.

All this would involve the commission of several crimes that, as far as the complainant is concerned, "would have directly injured my privacy, but also my reputation, my professional career and my own personal and family life". For all this and in defense of their interests, Carlos Arenillas has filed the aforementioned complaint.


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